How to hit a golf ball far

Maximizing distance on the golf course can have a very positive impact on your overall scores. How to hit a golf ball far is dependent on several factors, and differs by club.

The absolute limiting factor in how far a golf ball will travel is the speed at which you hit it. But without increasing your swing speed, there are several things you can do to increase distance and I hope to share the things I’ve learned over the last several years.

You can hit a golf ball further by

  1. Choosing the right equipment
  2. Be efficient in your ball striking
  3. Optimize your posture and grip
  4. Increase swing speed with strength and flexibility.


Why am I starting with equipment, well, it matters that much!

Golf Balls

Every golf ball performs differently at various swing speeds. A ball that will maximize distance for a golfer at 90mph swing speed may be horrible for a golfer at 110mph swing speed.

Check out my post on the best golf balls for distance. It provides a full breakdown, with the top 3 recommendations in each swing speed category.

There is a reason “ball fittings” exist! I have compiled hundreds of data points on golf ball performance at various swing speeds, then put them into a very easy to use selector tool. Give it a shot to find the best distance golf ball for your unique swing speed. It’s free!

Golf Ball Selector Tool

There are tons of balls on the market. Finding the right one for you can be easy! GIVE OUR GOLF BALL SELECTOR TOOL A TRY!

I have personally helped a few golfers gain upwards of 10 yards of distance off the tee by simply having them switch to a golf ball based on this tool!


With modern technology, drivers have come a long ways. Personally, until a couple of years ago I had been using a driver that was over 15 years old. I had no idea just how much distance I was losing until I upgraded.

I didn’t go “all-in”, I purchased a used driver from Callaway Pre-Owned. It was like-new condition and has been a huge upgrade. I started getting nearly 50 extra yards of distance immediately.

If you are using a driver that is more than 5 years old, it may be time to look at upgrading. You don’t need to purchase this years model, there are plenty of great options on the market.

And just like the golf ball selector tool, I also have a driver selector tool to help you find one that fits your skillset!

Driver Selector Tool

There are tons of drivers on the market. Finding the right one for you can be easy! GIVE OUR DRIVER SELECTOR TOOL A TRY!


Unfortunately, I do not have a selector tool for irons yet. For irons, it really comes down to loft and level of forgiveness. Some irons, typically ones that are marketed for long distance, have lower lofts than the rest of the irons on the market.

So naturally, you’ll get more distance with a 9 iron that has a loft that is actually closer to an 8 iron in other sets. Ultimately, it’s really about ball striking, knowing your distances, and accuracy.

Swing speed is absolutely a factor when it comes to irons, as with any club. But, striking “down on the ball” will help to reduce loft and propel the ball forward faster. “Small ball, then big ball” – Hit the golf ball first, then the ground (earth). This is really the best way to maximize distance with your irons.


Posture is slightly different when you are hitting irons versus your driver. When you swing either club, it should be as hard as you can while maintaining balance and hitting the ball on center.

This is an extensive topic, one that professional coaches have dedicated many hours to YouTube videos and coaching programs.

Personally, I have found a lot of value in Me and My Golf, both free content and paid programs. I am currently subscribed to their annual membership which unlocks access to all of their paid content. I have completed their Total Driving program and am working through Breaking 80.

You can sign up for a free trial at the MeandMyGolf website. I have been really happy with my results so far and would definitely recommend at least checking out their free content.


Here is a good video from Me and My Golf on balance and posture. One thing that remains in common, no matter the club, is balance. Your accuracy and consistency while hitting the golf ball are going to start with your posture and overall balance.


Grip is another category where hundreds of hours of free video is available. Personally, I have previously struggled with slicing the ball. More recently, I have been struggling with hooking the ball.

I spent hours watching videos and trying to diagnose the issues leading to my hook. I ultimately figured out what my problem was by working through the Me and My Golf “Total Driving” program. For me, it was a simple grip issue. My grip was too strong, meaning my bottom hand was rotated too far away from the target.

Simply rotating my hand slightly more toward my target turned my hook into a straight shot. Here is a good resource to help you find the perfect grip.

Ball Position

Ball position is dependent on the club. Your driver is the longest club in the bag. When you are hitting driver, the ball should be as far forward in your stance as any other club. Conversely, your highest lofted wedge (sand wedge for example) is the shortest club in your bag. The ball should be in the middle of your stance with that club.

Each club in between, slightly increments up toward your front foot. That being said, you can play the ball a bit more back in your stance to “reduce some loft” on an iron shot. Here is a great resource on ball position for every shot.

Long Drives

Driving the ball further is something I have pursued relentlessly. To the point where I have considered participating in amateur long drive competitions. Aside from swing speed, one of the most important factors I have found to hit the ball further is my launch angle.

What does that mean? It basically means the angle at which you hit the ball.

Ball Striking

Smash Factor, or Efficiency, is an important factor in gaining distance. Where you strike the ball with your club is a huge factor!

With your driver, you want to hit up on the ball to launch it high into the air. You want to make contact with the ball when the club is on its upward part of your swing.

When you are able to maximize hitting up on the ball, you can decrease your driver loft setting. This combination will reduce ball spin and maximize distance. You can tee the ball up higher, and slightly lean your upper body away from your target at setup to put yourself in an optimal position to hit up on the ball.

Equipment For Longer Drives

Golf balls are the simplest piece of equipment to change. Try the golf ball selector tool linked above to find one that will fit your swing and preferences the best.

You’d be surprised at how much of a difference a golf ball can make. Based on swing speed testing, you can find a range in distance by over 10 yards from one golf ball to another. That is at the same swing speed!

Drivers are obviously incredibly important to maximize distance off the tee. If you are using a modern driver, something manufactured within the last 4 or 5 years, you’re probably just fine.

Choosing a driver based on distance alone is honestly probably not the best approach. The longest hitting driver on the market is also the least forgiving. Meaning, your slightly off-center hits will not go as far and are likely to travel much more offline than a more forgiving driver.

Unless you can hit the golf ball on the center of your driver repeatedly, you’re far better off sticking to a driver that is built to be a bit more forgiving. You can get an idea of which drivers fit your skillset with our driver selector tool, again linked above.

Irons – Hitting Them Further

Hitting your irons further is not always as big of a concern as maximizing driver distance. Most of the time when we are hitting irons, it really comes down to accuracy. Both directional and distance. Knowing your distances with each iron is critical!

Ball Striking

You’ll hear the phrase, “hit down on the ball” with your irons. Or, “make ball first contact”. When you do this, it reduces the effective loft that actually hit the ball. That launches the ball forward more quickly and will generate more ball speed and more distance overall.

Here is a good resource to strike your irons more efficiently.


You’ve probably heard golfers saying “good tempo”, and you’ve probably felt it in your own swing when you execute smoothly. Swing tempo is essentially the ratio of time in your backswing to time in your downswing.

Elite golfers, including Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, the list goes on and on, hit the ball with a 3-to-1 ratio. Measuring your swing tempo and executing drills to improve it can help your swing tremendously.

Exercise and Flexibility

Hitting the ball further really comes down to generating more swing speed. Swing speed isn’t necessarily produced by bigger muscles. Instead, it is produced with more flexibility and core strength.

Practically any exercise program that will increase core strength will help! I’d also recommend finding a good stretch routine that focuses on opening up your hips. Increasing range of motion in your hips is really important to maximize rotation. You upper back and shoulders too!

Here is some additional information on how to increase your swing speed.

Here is a good resource to help you.

Final Thoughts

Simple changes can make a big difference in your distance. You can drive the ball further by selecting the right equipment, optimizing your setup, and gaining strength and flexibility.

I can help you with equipment, check out the selector tools. For the rest, it comes down to discipline and your willingness to put the practice in. Once you figure out how to hit the ball far, you may be interested in learning how to chip the ball without overthinking it.

Good luck on the course!

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