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If you are in the market for a new driver, how do you know which model is best suited for your game? Sure, Callaway has a driver selector tool, so does Taylormade, and Ping, and Cobra, and Titelist. But what about one tool for them all? And a tool that takes into account unbiased consumer reviews? Thats what we are trying to accomplish.

There are plenty of Youtube personalities doing their own reviews, other websites aggregating real golfers test results etc. You could spend hours watching these videos, in fact, there is enough data out there that it could be a full-time job just to consume all of it, more than a full-time job. The bigger problem with this is that these reviews are not always tailored to your specific game. Its great to see how amazing the new Callaway Rogue ST Triple Diamond LS is, but honestly, that club really isn’t for most golfers. If you are not very consistent with how you strike the ball, it is probably best to look at the ST Max for example and leave the triple diamond LS for the Pro’s and low handicappers.

Now, I dont want to throw Rick Shiels under the bus, I love his channel and I am probably one of his biggest fans…but when Rick does a review on a club, a lot of times he is doing it with a club that fits his own level of play, naturally. He tries to bring some sanity into which model is a better fit for high handicappers for example, but the reality is, Rick is testing clubs that are more suited for his skill level. So simply going out and watching a Rick Shiels video and thinking you’ve got the right club might be a bit of a mistake. I am not telling you to stay away from these videos, quite the opposite, I’d actually encourage you to watch. But how many hours do you have? How much research do you want to do before you decide which club is right for you.

This is where Big T’s Golf comes in. Hours of research has been performed on every club, ball, and piece of equipment on the site. We are not trying to do what MyGolfSpy does, we are not testing clubs and providing results, instead we are doing all of the research as a regular (okay, maybe not regular, more like obsessive) consumer would do, then we are trying to serve that data to you. The objective is to help narrow down your choices, reducing the amount of research you need to do on your own. When looking at Drivers for example, every manufacturer has a few different models each year. Taylormade for example has the “Stealth”, the “Stealth HD”, and the “Stealth Plus”. Then there is Ping with their LST, SFT, and Max. When you look at golf balls, you have the Vice Pro, the Pro Plus, the Pro Soft, the Drive, the Tour, the Zero…What do all of these mean?

Big T’s has poured through all of the manufacturer data, specifications, and testing results categorizing each based on their level of forgiveness, distance, and overall performance. We have also created a simple selector tool asking a handful of questions to assess your game. This allows us to recommend specific clubs and balls that are best suited for you. We also go through thousands of consumer reviews and hours of video to bring you the most accurate consumer rating possible. Then we provide our Top Picks, which are our own opinions based on all of the reviews, videos, testing data etc. Again, all of this is done from a consumers perspective. I personally spend way too much time researching a product before I buy, my goal here is to offer you as much of that as I can, helping you quickly narrow down your search with easy to use tools and unbiased Top Picks.

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