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We strive to be your go-to destination for comprehensive golf ball reviews, expert guides, and personalized selection tools. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer, our site offers in-depth advice on choosing the right equipment, improving your swing, and mastering the mental game of golf.

Who We Are

Tyler & Jo – Married since 2019, golfers since 1990.

Tyler is a U.S. Army Veteran, Jo is a former Olympian. We’re not professional golfers, but we are decent amateurs. We belong to our local Country Club and golf a ton!

We provide honest reviews after having hands-on experience with the products we test. We do our best to provide insights from an “average” golfers perspective.

We also work with a couple of friends whom we’ve met at our local club to do product testing. Fitz and Dan, they are both single digit handicappers and have both won our local club championship numerous times.

Dan is a coach with our local high school golf team, and provides lessons to a countless number of our club members. He is a data geek and spends a lot of time studying the golf swing. I’ve tried to convince him to become a PGA teaching pro, but we’ll see…he certainly has the skill and expertise.

Gary is like a dad…he is that old man that always hits the middle of the fairway, and seemingly chips in for birdie every time he misses the green on an approach shot. He is fun to watch on the course, but even more fun to have a beer with after.

We have leveraged their insights and opinions on a number of topics, including product reviews, we are very grateful for their friendship and continued support.

How we got started

Big T’s Golf was started after realizing that picking a driver for the average amateur golfer, without going to get fitted, was about as clear as pond water. I was looking for a new driver and started running into problems understanding why I would select the Max, Max D, Max LS, or Triple Diamond LS. I started researching, and soon found that I had a pretty good understanding of what all of it meant. But I also wanted to look at Ping, Cobra, Titleist etc. They all have their own unique set of letters and numbers.

It’s very easy to find someone telling you “this is the best ball” or “this is the best driver”. But those recommendations may be terrible for you or I. Just because some Pro on YouTube says the Callaway Triple Diamond LS driver is the best, that doesn’t mean it’s good for me. In fact, I personally have no business playing that club. My strike consistency is not nearly good enough for that club to be the best for me.

Part of my research led me to several club selector tools from the various manufacturers. So I thought – why not have one that is brand agnostic. I found the same problem with golf balls – So I decided to create them. I love golf, and I love sharing and helping others. I’ve also spent way too much time watching YouTube videos, and pouring through research data and reviews. It’s just something that I like to do and I want to share what I find.

Contact Us

Feel free to reach out with any questions.

Email: bigteesgolf@gmail.com

Phone: (314)-3290-0279

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