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What is your handicap?
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Assuming you generally swing about the same speed each tee shot, choose the yardage that occurs on your best hits, including roll.
How accurate are you?
Do you have problems slicing the ball?
One more question, what type of ball do you like most in your short game?
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I was playing with the same clubs for years. When it was finally time to upgrade my driver it was frustrating. I spent hours researching and trying to figure out what all of the 3-letter acronyms meant. I needed a driver selector tool!

I created the selector tool because I found the various selectors from manufacturers helpful. But, there wasn’t a single golf driver selector tool for all manufacturers. So I created it, It’s FREE!

More about the tool

I spent countless hours categorizing golf clubs. Learning which specific clubs fit what type of golfer. Also learning how well each of the clubs perform!

Handicap is a factor, or typical score if you don’t have a handicap. Whether you have a tendency to slice the ball. Level of accuracy etc.

There are some clubs that amateur golfers simply have no business playing. Unless you have a level of accuracy and consistency on par with PGA professionals.

Who Should Use a Golf Driver Selector tool?

Well, you! Unless you are going to take the time to get professionally fitted, which most people don’t.

Honestly, a good chunk of the fitting process really focuses on optimizing a particular club. Within just a few questions and having you take a couple of swings on a launch monitor, a fitter can identify a golf club for you.

Once they do that, it’s just a matter of optimizing it for you. Finding the right loft, whether you need a draw setting to offset a slice, things like that. You can do all of that yourself with some time on the course and some experimenting.

If you are comfortable doing that, give it a try. The tool is going to recommend something that fits your golf game.

Most of the manufacturers nowadays have a tool on their website. They are only recommending their own brands on their site. Which is understandable. But before you make a purchase, would’t you like to see what all is out there?

Our website does not do any targeted advertising. We are not tied to a specific manufacturer. And I get no commission for recommending a club. I do have affiliate links, so if you click on one and buy something, I may get a small commission at no cost to you.

Those however, are not based on specific manufacturers. They are generally flat fees that are based on total dollar value of spend. These are sprinkled throughout the site and help to offset the cost of running servers and everything else needed to create this site.

Who Should not use the driver selector tool

If you are looking for fairway woods or golf irons, we do not currently have those clubs in our database.

Irons and other clubs are something we will explore in the future. But as of todays date, they are not available through our site.

If you are interested in other equipment for your golf game, I would love to hear your feedback. We currently have a ball selector tool and may offer a launch monitor selector, range finder selector, or others in the future.

Any other services you’d like to see to help with your golf game, please click the feedback link at the bottom of any page and let us know what you think.

What Does the Selector Tool ask me?

What do you normally score in a round. This is an indicator of your handicap and how skilled you are. Overall score, or handicap, is only one part of it though. Thats why the site will also ask the following about your game.

How accurate are you with your driver. There are some images to choose from on this one. This gives us an idea of how forgiving of a club you will need.

Snapshot of images that will be selected in the driver selector tool assessing accuracy of golf shots.

Do you have problems slicing the golf ball. Some drivers are specifically designed to help offset a slice, answering yes to this question pretty much guarantees you’ll only be shown drivers that are either designed for draw, or have an adjustable weight to make it a draw club.

How far do you hit driver. This is going to allow us to very closely determine your swing speed. As you are probably aware, golf clubs shafts need to align with individual swing speeds. You’ll see this information in the results.

Scale with slider to select the distance you hit.

There are a couple of other questions, but these are the main factors that allow us to match you to a club that is either more forgiving, or maximum length

Forgiveness Versus Distance

Golf clubs unfortunately don’t really offer both. They do however find a very good middle-ground. You can get a very forgiving club that will still get great distance for your golf game. Equipment has come a long way in the golf industry.

Unfortunately retailers who bring you in for a fitting are very likely to steer you towards specific brands. This a lot of times is due to higher commissions on certain manufacturers.

Even if they do that, they are still going to find a decent club that will fit your game. That is because most manufacturers have a similar lineup.

Club speed = Distance. But only if you can hit the ball on the center of the club. Imagine for a second you are a pro and have the consistency to hit on center nearly every shot. You could potentially get a bit more club speed if your driver head is smaller and lighter.

Well, those exist! And you and I can easily purchase them, perhaps without even realizing it. The problem however – If you cannot consistently hit the club in the center, you are going to be punished massively.

That’s no fun. I’d rather get 5 yards less distance and have significantly more of my shots staying in the fairway when I don’t quite catch it on center.

Based on the research and data I have collected during the processes of building this site, I have found that the Ping G425 Max is one of the most forgiving golf clubs on the market. It’s really designed for a higher handicap player.

Anyone can probably pick it up with its default settings and feel comfortable hitting it. With good results. The problem however – You’ll lose a bit of distance compared to some of the other equipment on the market.

Privacy and Your Information

The goal of this tool is simply to offer a more personalized web experience. It can be used on any browser and internet device. However, we do not collect personally identifiable information.

The only information requested, and is totally optional, is your email address. Visitors can ignore it, or provide it. You can request to opt out anytime. We have done ball giveaways in the past, and plan to do more in the future. Your email would be used to notify you of a future giveaway.

We do collect information through google on traffic sources. For example, are you using a mobile device, a tablet or a desktop computer. This is very common and other sites, pretty much all of them, do the same. Because we do not store any personally identifiable information, there is no need for privacy preferences.

Final Thoughts

Golf equipment and properly selecting it can absolutely impact your game. There is a lot of confusing data out there and sales tactics that can lead to a bad purchase.

Best Golf Drivers for Beginners and High Handicappers – 2023

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