How We Test Products

When it comes to buying new equipment, whether it be golf balls, clubs, training aids etc…there are so many choices and it can be overwhelming. Thats why I started this site – to help my fellow golfers find the right gear for their game.

We actually use the products we are recommending, and we don’t write a review or buyers guide before thoroughly testing each product that goes on the site.

Who Does our Testing?

Product testing is performed by a group of golfers with varying swing speeds and handicaps. Tyler, a single-digit handicapper who has been golfing for over 30 years is our primary tester. Jo, a former olympic athlete, also performs a significant amount of testing.

Fitz is a senior and has been golfing for about 50 years. He has won the club championship 5 times and competed at regional qualifiers from time to time. Fitz has tested a lot of golf balls for us, both in the simulator and on the golf course.

Dan has been playing for over 30 years and just won the 2023 club championship. Dan has tested launch monitors, rangefinders, and a lot of golf balls for us, both in the simulator and on the golf course.

Our Commitment to You

First and foremost, we believe in customer satisfaction. Our readers are our customer! We will never recommend a product without thoroughly testing it. When testing, that means we use it out on the golf course and in a simulator, where applicable, to get launch monitor numbers using a Foresight GC3.

We will never accept payment for a good review.

We purchase every product we test, there are no freebies. If we are offered a product for free at some point in the future, we will be 100% transparent in any review that is shared of that product.

Since everyone’s golf swing is different, we think it is important to incorporate as many different golfers as possible when testing. The 4 golfers we use to test have a range of swing speeds from slow to very fast. We also review independent studies whenever possible and take those into account where applicable.

We will attempt to validate manufacturer claims, and make it clear where we cite those claims and/or where we have obtained our own data during testing.

Golf Ball Testing

We have tested dozens upon dozens of golf balls. Including the full lineup from Bridgestone, Vice, Callaway, Titleist, Snell, and more.

The first thing we do when testing new golf balls is put them on the simulator to get all of the numbers. Using wedges, 7-iron, and driver, we will gather spin, launch, ball speed, carry and total distance, and peak height. We will do this with 3 different swing speeds to get a full range of numbers.

With wedge shots, we do several at 50, 75, and 100 yards. We also do several opening up the club face trying to maximize spin, it is always interesting to see how each ball compares.

While testing is being conducted, I’ll also use a ProV1 for comparison. I know my numbers with a ProV1 very well, so this is helpful to ensure I’m hitting the ball well and getting good numbers that day. I’ll also use 1 or 2 other balls to test side-by-side, these will be similar in nature. If I am testing a premium golf ball, I’ll use other premium balls to test against, same with a lower price ball. For example, ProV1 vs. TP5, or Bridgestone e6 vs. Callaway Warbird etc.

Once numbers are collected on the launch monitor, we will use them on the course. At least 2 of us will use them and we will compare notes after, and often times during our round.

Golf Ball Star Rating System

You’ll often times see star ratings, as seen in the image below, on golf ball reviews.

Snapshot of star ratings, including price, performance, and distance.

Our ratings go from 0 – 5 stars and cover Price, Performance, and distance.

Price – Based on a scale ranging from $12 and up. The cheapest dozen golf balls you can possibly get is around $12, so that is 5 stars. At $32, you’ll see 4 stars, and 3 stars at the $52 mark. The star ratings increment by .05 for every dollar.

Distance – We have data from thousands of golf shots in the simulator, broken down by individual golf balls. We compare “like” shots, matching swing speed, smash factor, spin rate, and launch angle as best as possible. The ball at the top of that list, the one that flew the furthest is given 5 stars. Based on the numbers, others will increment down to correspond with the lower distance.

Performance – This one is somewhat subjective. It is a combination of how well it performed by the numbers (spin rate, ball speed, distance etc.) and how well it performed on the golf course. It is a collaborative effort between all of the individuals that tested a particular ball.

Training Aids, Accessories, & Electronics Testing

As mentioned above, we will only recommend products we believe in. There are seemingly thousands of golf products on the market, and we really don’t have many reviewed on this site. There are a couple reasons for that, other than just how many there are.

  1. If we try a prodcut and it is terrible and doesn’t live up to manufacturer claims, we will publish a buyer-beware review. Here’s an example from the Straight Stick.
  2. When we try something that is just “okay”, but we aren’t actually going to continue using it on the regular, we simply don’t take the time to publish a review. We won’t recommend something that is not worth recommending.

When we do try something that works, we will actively use it and track our progress with it, or keep track of the pros and cons. This usually requires long-term use, weeks or months. As it is being used, we will continue gathering data and taking notes on what we like/don’t like for a review at a later date. An example of a long-term use device before a review is done is the Stack System.

Where applicable, we will compare similar products. Rangefinders are a good example. We will actively compare them side-by-side.

Affiliate Relationships

We do have affiliate relationships with certain manufacturers and retailers. These relationships allow us to earn a small commission, at no cost to you, if a product is purchased through one of our affiliate links.

These commissions help offset the cost of web hosting and tools, new product purchases, and other expenses to maintain the website.

We make every effort possible to remain unbiased in our reviews, and only establish an affiliate relationship once we have determined a product is worthy of our recommendation. There are plenty of quality golf products on the market, and we will never recommend a sub-par product to obtain an affiliate commission.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out via our contact information below or submit your feedback here.

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