The Stack System Reviewed: Your Path to Hitting Bombs

After using the stack system for a handful of months, my “easy swing” driver clubhead speed increased by 7mph. That equates to about 20 yards of distance off the tee! In this Stack System Review, I share my personal experience, detail who should and should not use the Stack, and provide some tips to help you get the most out of the Stack System.

I have always been a sucker for hitting the long ball, determined to prove all of the “swing easy” naysayers wrong! What I’ve found is – there is a balance.

I used to swing harder than I probably should have – as evidenced by a driver wear pattern covering the club’s entire face. In my quest to improve accuracy, I had to slow things down. This certainly helped, but I lost a lot of distance.

At first, this was fine because I was hitting more fairways and scoring better…but as I said, I’ve always been a sucker for hitting the long ball. So I picked up the Stack System and got to work.

Now I’ve got both the distance and significantly improved accuracy to go with it. I’m swinging around 112 mph comfortably…

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Benefits of Speed Training

On the PGA tour, the ShotLink system collects scoring and statistical data on every shot by every player. Once it became clear to players like Bryson DeChambeau that more distance absolutely equaled fewer strokes, we started seeing the best players in the world doing more to increase their swing speed.

But what about us amateur golfers?

Arccos, golf’s #1 tracking system, has data from tens of thousands of amateur golfers. Players who gained 10 or more yards of distance from one season to the next saw incredible results in their scores. 65% gained at least 1 stroke each round, while 29% gained at least 3 strokes per round (Arccos Golf).

Bottom line – Speed training will help you hit the golf ball further.

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What is the Stack System

The Stack System is a revolutionary swing speed training system designed to help golfers of all skill levels unlock their speed potential on the golf course. Developed by Dr. Sasho MacKenzie, a renowned biomechanist in the world of golf.

Dr. MacKenzie is an engineering consultant for Ping and a Biomechanics Advisor and Software Developer for Footjoy. He has over 20 scientific peer-reviewed golf research articles and regularly speaks to PGA golf instructors around the world.

The Stack System is more than a swing speed training device – it’s a full-blown training program that dynamically adjusts to your performance as you go.

At its core, the Stack System combines precision hardware with cutting-edge technology to create a dynamic and personalized training experience. Here’s a closer look at what the Stack System entails:

  • Precision Hardware: The Stack System incorporates five CNC-milled Stack weights, a custom-engineered shaft, and hardware, resulting in an impressive array of 30 unique combinations. These combinations are specifically designed to unlock dynamic variable inertia speed training, making it adaptable to golfers at different stages of their journey.

The stack speed training system, club and weights
Stack system review - image of weights
  • The Stack App: The Stack System offers an award-winning app to make your training journey effortless and effective. This app provides guided programs, timers, easy data-entry features, a Learning Library, and the ability to track key metrics related to your speed training progress. It acts as your personal trainer, ensuring you stay on the right track.

Screenshot of the Stack App on iPhone - During workout
Screenshot of the Stack App on iPhone - workout selection
  • Dynamic Training: The Stack System’s training programs are not static; they adapt as you progress in your speed journey. These programs are designed in the lab and proven on the Tour, ensuring their effectiveness. A.I. powered algorithms are used to optimize your training, regardless of where you currently stand in your golf journey.

  • Programs and Training: The Stack is essentially a personal swing-speed trainer for golfers. It all starts with a series of swing speed tests that generate a force-velocity profile of your current swing. Additionally, qualitative data is gathered to identify your strengths and weaknesses in generating clubhead speed.

The Stack System is Not For Everyone!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the stack speed training system. But…

stop, road sign, warning

If you are NOT willing to

  • Stick to the workouts

  • Commit to a long(ish)-term approach

  • Understand you may face setbacks along the way


This probably isn’t for you.

On the other hand – If you go into it with commitment and dedication, and you follow the system, you’ll absolutely see the results! There is no question it takes work. The workouts are not hard by any means, but you need to be consistent and actually do them. You’ll need to commit about 30 minutes per session, 3-times per week while you’re active in a program. You can absolutely take longer breaks and come back to it while still seeing long-term benefits.

It is on the higher-end for price, but if you consistently use it, I think it is absolutely worth it! The Stack System costs about $150 more than their biggest competitor (SuperSpeed), but the Stack gives you the full workout programs and hardware that is, in my opinion, significantly higher quality with tons of weight combination options. You’d need 30 SuperSpeed sticks to give you the same weight combinations that the Stack delivers out of the box.

Does The Stack System work for Older Golfers

graph showing swing speed increases for golfers broken down by age.

Because Stack System programs are done through an app that is constantly tracking progress, we have access to data and progress that golfers in various age groups have made.

The kind folks behind the system have shared this chart, outlining speed gains by golfers in every age group. As you can see, golfers age 60+ are absolutely seeing tremendous benefits from their training.

These gains are also after completing just one program, gains will certainly taper over time, but no matter your age, I am confident anyone who puts the time in will benefit.

My Personal Experience & Results

Personal best drive on simulator after using the stack system

After speed training with the stack system for about 5 weeks, I hit a personal best drive on the simulator with a carry distance of 318 yards, 346 yards total. My swing speed was 116mph.

Although I don’t have an exact distance on the course, I have absolutely had them going further than “my normal” and estimated to be around 330 yards at best. I was usually getting between 285-300, but now I am getting between 295-315 consistently.

I typically play the same course about 4 days per week, then usually throw in a random local course at least a couple of times per month. I know exactly how far I’m usually hitting on the course I usually play week to week. We only have 1 par 5 (9-hole course) and I can absolutely get there in 2 (if I hit the fairway 🙄)

Since using the stack system, I’ve gone from needing a 5-iron for my second shot, to a 7-iron…consistently (again, if I hit the fairway).

And full disclosure – I have not stuck to the program as originally planned. I went full-on for about 6-weeks, then took a few weeks off. Then started back up and fell off the wagon. Honestly, I was playing a ton…men’s league 2-3 times per week, couples league once a week, scrambles pretty much every week, then rounds with my son on the weekends.

Plus some practice in the sim during the week…it got to be too much. As the golf season winds down, I’m ready to get after it with the Stack System and see how much faster I can get through the winter.

The benefits really come from the full package, which includes the dynamic workouts. They don’t just sell you a club and give you a few videos to follow along with. The app walks you through the workouts step-by-step, dynamically updating weights and reps based on your performance.

The Stack System isn’t just another golf aid; it’s a transformative experience. After months of use, I’ve seen its power first hand. It blends cutting-edge AI technology with biomechanical expertise. It delivers results!

The Stack system with weights

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Bottom line – I cannot argue with the results. My distances with both driver and irons have increased and I have not sacrificed accuracy for those gains. I feel like I am swinging the club easier and more controlled, but the speed gains are absolutely there in spite of that “more controlled” feeling.

Stack System Features Review

The first thing you’ll notice is the quality of the Stack System. The club, the weights…it isn’t a cheap training aid you’ll find being peddled in YouTube ads.

It includes a club and 5 weights ranging from 20g to 100g, allowing you to adjust for 30 unique weight combinations from 0g to 300g. The weights come with a nice storage case hat keeps your weights from rattling around.

The club is the equivalent length of a standard hybrid, which helps to ensure you stay on your swing plane while using it.

The Stack System App

The iOS app isn’t quite as sexy, but it definitely delivers. The real benefit is in the backend processing where the workouts dynamically update based on your performance. The app simply delivers the data and offers a decent user interface to interact with.

One cool feature I like about the app is the ability to enter my swing speed data hands-free. No need to click/type…I can just set my phone down and follow the prompts throughout the guided workout.

Another feature I like is the Learning Library. They recently added this feature and it provides a plethora of detailed video drills and explanations for different aspects of your swing, and how those techniques “feel”.

Pro Tip – If you have a set of bluetooth headphones, use them to connect to your phone during your workouts. The app picks up your voice much better with headphones.

As of today, the app is only available to iOS users. They have Android coming soon, but no published release date. There are some alternatives you can explore. Here are the main workarounds for Android users.

Use an iPad
Acquire an older iPhone or iPad with no service – just use it on wifi for the app
Use it without the App while you wait for the Android version


The Stack System offers a range of metrics to gauge your progress. Two of them that I find useful – and fairly accurate are eSpeed and Distance Potential.

eSpeed (Equivalent Driver Speed): To align with golfers’ familiarity with driver speed, eSpeed approximates your driver clubhead speed based on the length difference between TheStack and your driver’s length.
Distance Potential: Recognizing the importance of driving distance, this metric converts eSpeed into an estimate of your driving distance under specific conditions, accounting for factors like temperature, elevation, and fairway firmness.
Grit Score: Beyond physical metrics, the Grit Score assesses your commitment to long-term training goals. It quantifies your dedication by tracking your adherence to prescribed reps, sets, and session rest.

Training Programs

Whether you are mid-season and don’t want to overdo it, or looking for a robust program to build strength and maximize gains over a couple of months, there is a diverse range of training programs to cater to golfers of all levels and specific needs.

I completed the Foundation training program, which is ideal for those starting their swing speed training journey. It gets your body primed and ready to take on one of their more difficult programs, including one from Martin Borgmeier himself (2022 World Long Drive Champion).

The coolest part of these programs really comes down to the dynamic adjustments made to your workouts as you progress. It takes data through your training session and applies it to adjust swing weights, number of reps, and/or types of reps.

All of that helps to minimize risk of injury, and maximize outcomes from your training.


  • Very high quality
  • Includes workouts that dynamically adjust based on your performance
  • Access to several training programs
  • Trade-In program (send them your old swing speed trainer, i.e. Superspeed sticks, and get $100)
  • Works for any age, teen to senior
  • It works!


  • To get the full benefit, you will need to purchase a swing speed radar
  • It is on the higher-end in price

Continuous Improvement

The Stack System app has seen a significant transformation since its inception in 2021. They have released 24 updates through Feb. 2024 focusing on user experience, data-driven insights, and the recent release of their Learning Library. Here are some of the key evolutions:

Learning Library: Released on February 12, 2024, the learning library provides detailed video explanations of 31 swing concepts, 18 “feel” related, and provides 10 comprehensive drills to help you improve your golf swing. They have started releasing content on putting as well.
User Interface and Experience Enhancements: There has been a consistent focus on improving user experience. This includes a revamped interface for smoother navigation, a more reliable and user-friendly interface for putting dictation features, and improved video downloading processes.
Advanced Features for Putting: The introduction of Stack Putting in Aug, 2022 and its evolution with modes like Premier, Creative, and On-Course, along with the “SG Baseline” feature for peer comparison and the integration of detailed analytics like the “make/miss Shot Map” demonstrate Stack’s commitment to offering comprehensive training solutions.
Social and Community Features: Expanded social sharing options and referral link inclusion indicate Stack’s focus on community building and social engagement.
Expanded Training Programs: Full speed spectrum, Flex, Cruiser, and the Borgmeier programs have been added.

The consistent updates not only improve the overall user experience, it also gives us an indication of their commitment to continuously evolve their programs to ensure their product remains the best on the market.

Stack System vs. Superspeed vs. Rypstick

Product features comparison chart with the Stack System, Rypstick, and Superspeed
The Stack System is one of the more expensive swing speed training aids on the market, but it is the only one that can give you 30 weight combinations, access to dynamic workout programs, and overload training. The Stack is also the only manufacturer offering a trade-in program where you can get a $100 refund for sending them your old swing speed trainer.
The Rypstick is a a great option for golfers who don’t want to spend as much. It offers a single club design and a free app that walks you through their workout programs. The workouts will not dynamically update like the Stack’s program, but its a great option if you want to save a few bucks. – Rypstick Review
Superspeed sticks are high quality, but you’ll need 3 different clubs. You can usually pick up a set for around $150, so they are the least expensive option. – Stack System vs. Superspeed

Check out other swing speed training options here, or my full comparison of the Stack, Rypstick, and Superspeed sticks in my post on the best golf speed trainers.

The StackRadar

Stack Radar carry bag
Stack Radar
Ball Speed and carry distance are not displayed because I was only using it with the Stack on this swing.

On March 7, 2024 The StackRadar was released. It is a bluetooth enabled radar that integrates with the Stack App. The device captures swing speed, ball speed, and calculates carry distance and smash factor.

It can be used with or without the Stack System app, so you can measure whether you’re using your Stack or on the range hitting balls.

The biggest benefit – When you are training with the Stack System, the StackRadar will automatically populate your swing speed into the app. It was already convenient to enter your swing speed over voice, but this makes it even more convenient.

It was really easy to setup, you don’t even need to pair the device, when you have the stack app open on your phone it automatically connects. Then when you take a shot, it automatically registers the shot. Pretty convenient!

I have only had it for about a week now, but so far it is super easy to use and seems to be very accurate. I’ll do a full review once I have a chance to use it for several weeks.

Tips to Help you get the most out of The Stack System

Off Season is the best time to do a full program for increasing your swing speed, otherwise you may risk overuse injury like I had. There is a specific program called “Cruiser” that you can use during the golf season that will help you maintain the speed gains you’ve made.
Return to Form is something I’ve used several times after taking a week or two off. Even in the middle of a program. The app will automatically detect when you have been out for too long and it will recommend a return to form session. You can decline, but I’ve found it helpful and recommend it.
Speed Priming before a round on the course has helped me swing much faster than I would have otherwise. It’s designed to get you warmed up. Some of the longest drives I’ve ever hit on the course have come after doing a speed priming session.
Sharing the Stack System can be done easily. Multiple people can download the app, then activate the same serial number. Each golfer will have their own profile and it will not interfere with your individual training or progress. A single serial number can be activated up to 20 times specifically for this purpose.
eDesitance is calculated from your swing speed while factoring in specific course and atmospheric conditions. Some golfers have found them to be slightly generous, while others find they are a bit low. For me, they are a bit low. Some golfers (I’m one of them) swing a bit slower without a ball present. Bottom line – don’t read into these numbers too much…focus on your trends over time.
Ups and Downs are something every golfer will experience with the Stack System. You’ll have days where you are a bit sore, or a bit low on energy. Other days you’ll feel great and swing out of your shoes. This is expected and you’ll see a trend emerge with an upward trajectory as you go through a program. Stay focused on the long-term.


My Recommendation

If you are serious about your speed gains and you are willing to put the time in to complete the training program, you’ll absolutely see the benefits from The Stack.

Don’t go cheap on the radar, you can get the PRGR device bundled when you purchase through their website.

If you are not sure you want to spend this much, or if you aren’t sure you’ll stick with it – get some SuperSpeed sticks or a rypstick and trade them in later if you decide you’d like an upgrade.

Good luck on your journey! If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot me an email, reach out on Twitter, or post your comment below. I’m also active in the MyGolfSpy forum stack system thread.

The stack system with end cap and weights.

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8 thoughts on “The Stack System Reviewed: Your Path to Hitting Bombs”

    1. Hi Joe, thanks for the question. It only took about 2 weeks before I started to notice a bit more distance on the course. It was nothing significant though until about 4 weeks into it.

    1. Hi Fitz, great question. I have only had mine for about 6 months now, but it still looks and feels brand new. I know a couple of people who have had them much longer and have no issues with durability either.

      I imagine after a couple of years the grip will start to show some signs of wear, just like any club you regularly use. But, as with any golf club, you can easily replace the grip if needed or desired.

      I have a friend who replaced the grip on his with a larger-size to match the clubs he currently plays.

      Anyway, I have seen no issues with durability and have heard of no others with any durability issues.


  1. Hi Tyler,

    Good Stack System overview… appreciate your insights. Your experience is enviable.

    You talk about your increased driving distance, how has it affected your other woods and iron play?

    Apologies in advance for asking this question, but in the interest of full disclosure, do you have you any relationship with/received any compensation from the Stack System company or affiliations?


    1. Hi Jerry, Very fair question. I do have an affiliate relationship with the Stack System. They have provided me with a coupon code so my readers can get 10% off their purchase, and I get a referral fee for any sales made. Those affiliate relationships help offset the cost of buying new equipment to test, web hosting etc. Although I stand to benefit from Stack System sales, I have worked very hard to stay unbiased throughout all of my reviews. I only attempt to establish affiliate relationships AFTER I use a product and feel comfortable recommending it.

      Here is an example where I purchased a product, didn’t like it, and will not recommend it to anyone…The Straight Stick – I normally do not write negative reviews, if I dont feel comfortable recommending something, I simply don’t take the time to do a review or work to establish an affiliate relationship. But this was a case where I felt they were taking advantage of folks with some clever marketing.

      I can certainly understand any hesitation you or others may have with regard to the affiliate relationship, and I appreciate you asking. I am going to be sure to update the post to make that relationship clear to everyone up front.

      With regard to your question on Iron distances/play – yes, I have absolutely seen gains throughout the entire bag. Since I have a simulator in my basement, I can always see my swing speed numbers and distances with all clubs, and they have been going up for sure. I have always swung every club in my bag too hard, and the swing speed gains have essentially allowed me to take an “easy” swing, but still produce the same speed or a bit more. About a year ago, I was hitting my 7-iron around 87mph, and it felt like I was swinging very hard. Today, 87 feels like a nice comfortable full swing, and when I “go after it” I’ll be around 90-91mph.

      The stack system is expensive, no doubt. If you’re not sure about it, there are other things you can do to increase your swing speed with what you already have (

      Thank you again for the question, and please let me know if you have any others.

    1. Hi Randy. If you are not going to get a radar, I would not get the stack system. You’d be better off going with a less expensive speed trainer.

      In my opinion, one of the biggest reasons to choose the Stack over other devices is the workout programs and how they dynamically update based on your performance. You can only get those benefits if you’re able to record the speed for each swing.

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