Lower My Handicap – Oct 2, 2022 Update

With the Golf Season winding down in my area, we had our end of season couples tournament. We played great!

My wife and I were paired up with another random couple to play as a 4-person scramble. We ended up tied for 2nd overall. A couple of eagles and only 1 or 2 pars wasn’t quite enough to win, but it was good for a skin.

Ending the season with some really good play was nice! I had some great drives and some pretty decent short iron shots. My iron distances on intermediate shots has improved a ton over the last few months! I’ll continue working on it in the simulator and provide some updates as I do.

No More Handicap Updates for the Winter

Since it is turning into winter here, I wont have many chances to get out on the course to play handicap rounds. As much as I’d love to keep this positive trend moving, I’m afraid I’ll have to transition into practice mode at home for a few months.

My Plan for the Winter

  1. Refocus on my Driver
  2. Sharpen my wedge game, to include every wedge in my bag
  3. Improve my Long-Iron ball striking


When I go back through scorecards throughout the year, my problems on the golf course are somewhat obvious. My accuracy with driver sucks! I can bomb it well over 300 yards when I catch one, but that’s only about 10% of the time. It’s probably going to take a few months to break some bad habits I’ve developed.

I plan to use my subscription to Me & My Golf to help with this!

Wedge Game

I have found a decent warmup routine on the simulator that has me hitting balls at 50, 75, 100, 150. I’ve gotten pretty decent at these. But only with 1 club! The problem with that is I am limited to that specific loft and the trajectory that club produces. When I’m left with a shot that really needs to get up in the air, I’m opening up the club face and making guesses on how much harder to swing.

I plan to create a wedge matrix and develop a more comprehensive practice routine.


It seems like my day-to-day ball striking with long irons is all over the map. It’s either great, or terrible. I’ve noticed some trends on each and need to spend some time on it for sure. I’m also going to use the Me & My Golf subscription to help with this!

Chasing Bryson Challenge

I’ve always loved hitting bombs off the tee and have been doing a lot of swing speed work in an attempt to hit even bigger bombs. I love watching Martin Borgmeier on YouTube and have enjoyed the journey to swing faster.

The problem however – I am engraining some bad habits into my swing. Most notably, I’m coming over the top. When I try making corrections to it, I stay too far behind the ball and I’m pull-hooking everything. I’ve been able to generate up to 121 mph swing speed.

In addition to the poor habits I’m developing – I’m killing my body. My lower back and right knee are not handling it well. Probably because I hit far too many in one session.

Either way – I’m scaling back on it. I need to address my core strength, leg strength, and flexibility before attacking it again. I also need to build a quality swing, and honestly feel like I need to go back to square 1 on this.

If you are able to golf through the winter, good luck on the course!

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