Best Golf Affiliate Programs for 2024

I run a golf website, you’re here, and I’ve probably applied to or used every affiliate program you’ll see in the typical “12 best…” or “15 best…” posts covering the best golf affiliate programs.

Why? Because I’m actually in the golf niche.

I’m not just writing a bunch of articles targeting affiliate programs for various niches like most of the top results you’ll see when you search for the best affiliate programs for golf.

No offense, Matt Diggity, you guys produce some great content…but I’m going to give you my take after being balls deep in the golf niche for the last couple of years.

Things You Need to Consider

New site? A lot of programs will ignore your application. Then when you have enough content to be relevant to them, you won’t be able to reapply. You’re stuck in “pending approval”. I’ll let you know which ones to wait on.

Affiliate Platforms – Some golf manufacturers operate on a stand-alone affiliate platform, meaning you apply to them directly and you’ll have a direct login to their instance. No other affiliates will exist within that space. Blue Tees Golf is a good example of this. Other manufacturers will join a platform such as Share-A-Sale where you’ll find several golf retailers and manufacturers all in one place. You’ll want to do both!

Best Standalone Golf Affiliate Programs

Blue Tees Golf

Yes 👆 that is an affiliate link, if you sign up it’s like you’re buying me a beer on the 19th hole. 🙏

Blue Tees Golf is by far my favorite! They’re constantly running deals, they convert REALLY well, you can get your own coupon code, and they pay 10%.

They sell rangefinders, GPS, and speakers, so most orders end up being between $170 – $300. They pay quickly via PayPal and there is no need to wait to sign up. Even if you don’t have a website and you simply refer friends/followers on social media, they’ll let you in their program.

Indoor Golf Shop

Nope, 👆 that is not an affiliate link, but they are a great program to be a part of!

The Indoor Golf Shop also runs a ton of deals and they are one of the go-to stores for people installing golf simulators, or practice areas at home. They pay 5%.

They sell golf simulators, launch monitors, nets, and full sim packages. Orders can range from $300 to $30,000. They pay quickly via PayPal, but you might want to wait until you have a little bit of content to sign up. They’re not too difficult, so only a handful of articles are needed before applying.

Blue Tees Golf and The Indoor Golf Shop both operate their affiliate programs on Affiliatly. It is extremely easy to navigate, contains all of the marketing tools you’ll need, and provides a nice dashboard to monitor your clicks, earnings, and conversion percentage. You can apply to their programs through the links above.

Best Platforms For Golf Affiliate Programs


Yup, 👆 this one might be good for a 6-pack on the course!

ShareAsale is my favorite platform by far. It is easy to navigate and they have several lucrative golf manufacturers and retailers on their platform. Not only do they have a bunch of merchants that are easy to find on the platform, a lot of them are actively searching for partners themselves. They’ll start applying to you!

Some of the best golf affiliates you can find on ShareAsale include:

MerchantCommissionTypical Order Size
Orange Whip10%$120
Leupold Golf10%$175 – $500
Cut Golf10%$40
Sunday Golf10%$200
In The Hole Golf6% – 8%$500
2nd Swing Golf5%$300
TruSpeed Golf15%$180

The list goes on…and on….and on…

Merchants you should wait a bit to apply include Skytrak, TruSpeed Golf, Orange Whip, and Leupold. The others should approve right away with very little content.


Nope,👆not an affiliate link. Working on it though!

Impact also has a ton of golf merchants, especially in the apparel space. The platform is slightly more difficult to navigate than ShareAsale, but you’ll figure it out. They have all of the marketing tools you need and they are rapidly growing their list of golf-related merchants.

Some of the best golf affiliates you’ll find on Impact include:

MerchantCommissionTypical Order Size
Swing Juice20%$110
Lopar Golf20%$60
Fairway & Green15%$120
Sweet Rollz Golf6% – 12%$60
Stitch Golf6%$120
Global Golf6%$300
PGA Tour Superstore6%$300
Stix Golf7%$500

And again, the list goes on. TaylorMade, Golf Galaxy, Dicks Sporting Goods, and several others. Golf Galaxy only pays 2% though, so I don’t mess with them.

You’ll want to wait until you have some decent content before applying to PGA Tour Superstore, Rapsodo, and Stix.

Other Platforms For Golf Affiliate Programs


Nope👆not an affiliate link, they have a program but it pays 0%…dumb!

Rakuten has a pretty short list when it comes to golf merchants, but you won’t find most of them anywhere else.

Retailers include:

  • Bushnell Golf
  • Ping
  • Golfbidder
  • Rock Bottom Golf
  • Ghost Golf
  • Ecco
  • SkyGolf
  • Cutter and Buck
  • My Golfing Store
  • Greg Norman Collection
  • Golf Avenue
  • Oscar Jacobson Golf

The commissions on Rakuten are typically much lower than the other platforms, but if you are targeting one of the retailers listed above, this is where you’ll have to go.

Commission Junction

Nope👆not an affiliate link!

Commission Junction (CJ) is kind of a pain to navigate. There are little quirks, but just like Rakuten, you’ll figure it out. Commissions are a bit better on CJ compared to Rakuten and most of the merchants will not approve your application until you have a decent amount of content…Golf Apparel Shop, FootJoy, and The Golf Warehouse are exceptions.

Retailers include:

  • Alphard Golf
  • Blast Motion
  • Club Champion
  • FootJoy
  • Garmin
  • Golf Direct Now
  • Macade Golf
  • Puma and Cobra Golf
  • PXG
  • Ship Sticks
  • Skytrak
  • The Golf Warehouse
  • Vice Golf

Overall, Commission Junction is my least favorite platform on this post. But again, if you want a specific merchant, some are only available there.

Final Thoughts

You can’t go wrong signing up for Blue Tees Golf and ShareAsale. You’ll have access to programs that convert well and offer nice commissions.

If you’re signing up for golf affiliate programs, it probably means you’ve got a site like mine. I’m happy to collaborate and discuss partnership opportunities. Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter or through my contact info below.

Good luck!

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