Cut Golf Balls Review

I recently discovered Cut Golf Balls and decided to give them a try. I did a side-by-side comparison against the Titleist Pro V1 and Vice Pro and am sharing all of the numbers below and my Cut golf balls review.

How did I like them? They seem to be decent golf balls. In some ways very comparable to a premium golf ball around the green. But a little left to be desired off the tee.

How testing was performed for my Cut golf balls review

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I started in the simulator with a GC3 Launch Monitor. I compared numbers against the Titleist pro v1 and the Vice Pro with Driver, 8-Iron, and pitching wedge.

With wedge shots, I do several at 50, 75, and 100 yards. I also do several opening up the club face trying to maximize spin, it is always interesting to see how each ball compares.

I always finish by taking them out to the golf course and playing a round of golf with them.

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Distance & performance with Driver


The Cut DC balls felt very firm off the tee. They sound harder and for me personally, I prefer a softer golf ball. If you don’t mind a firm golf ball, this one seemed to be in line with other firm balls I’ve tested.


There was really nothing noticeable, good or bad, with these. I can slice them and hook them just like practically any other ball!

Seriously though, they seemed to fly straight when I hit them well, and they didn’t fly so straight when I hit them poorly.

Cut DC Golf Balls Vs. Pro V1 Stats

Ball SpeedSpinCarryTotal DistancePeak Height
With 111.8 average swing speed

I was definitely getting more spin with the Cut DC compared to the Pro v1. Ball speed was definitely higher with the Cut golf ball. Ball flight was also higher with Cut.

Although my average distance with the Cut golf ball was close to the Pro v1, I was never able to get this ball to travel over 300 yards. I came close a few times but never managed to even when catching it very clean.

That’s not the case with the Pro v1, or several other balls I’ve tested for that matter.

Cut DC Golf Balls Vs. Vice Pro Stats

Ball SpeedSpinCarryTotal DistancePeak Height
Vice Pro163.12281282.3305.831.9
With 111.8 average swing speed

Once again, I was seeing more spin with the Cut DC compared to the Vice Pro. The Vice Pro produced more ball speed and crushed the Cut DC in distance!

Here is a full review on Vice Golf Balls.

On the golf course

I hit them decent off the tee, getting them to hit the fairways. I did notice a loss of distance, however. The golf course I play is consistent for me, I know exactly where I should be when I hit a good one. I just wasn’t getting there with the Cut DC.

Short game performance with Irons


As with driver, they definitely felt a bit more firm, but it was not nearly as noticeable with my irons as it was off the tee.


This one was a bit interesting. The Cut DC balls traveled a bit further than both the Pro v1 and Vice Pro, with nearly the exact same swing speed at the 50-yard target. BUT, when it came to 100-yard shots, I had to swing significantly harder to get my 100 yard distance as compared to the Pro v1 and Vice Pro.

Obviously, this is something you could get used to with a little focused practice on distance control. This appears to be due to the backspin numbers at 100-yards. I was getting significantly more spin at 100 yards out of the Cut DC.

Cut DC Golf Balls Vs. Pro V1 Vs. Vice Pro Stats

50-Yard target.

 Ball Ball Speed (Average) Backspin (Average) Carry (Average) Total Distance (Average) Club Speed (Average)
 Vice Pro4748463951.843.1

75-Yard target

Ball Ball Speed (Average) Backspin (Average) Carry (Average) Total Distance (Average) Club Speed (Average)
Vice Pro6563737177.657.6

100-Yard target

Ball Ball Speed (Average) Backspin (Average) Carry (Average) Total Distance (Average) Club Speed (Average)
Vice Pro7470338796.463.6

150-Yard target

Ball Ball Speed (Average) Backspin (Average) Carry (Average) Total Distance (Average) Club Speed (Average)
Vice Pro1005746136148.376.0

On the golf course

My approach shots seemed to be a bit further with the cut balls than I am accustomed to. On a few holes, I sailed it over the green. I think it was simply a matter of getting used to the ball and how far it travels.

When I hit the green, I definitely saw a lot of stopping power. Tour balls should get a lot of greenside spin. Allowing you to spin your ball back when hit correctly, this ball performs!

Cut DC & Putting Performance

With putting, the ball felt a bit more firm than I am used to. But again, that really just comes down to personal preference. Accuracy seemed to be in line with what I’d expect from any golf ball.

Cut DC Construction

This is a 4-piece construction golf ball. Which is commonly found in premium golf balls. Urethane cover and 360 dimple pattern. According to Cut Golf’s website, it has a 105 compression rating, which explains the firm feel.

Recommendation and Final Thoughts

If you are a golfer with moderate swing speeds, and do not mind a firm feel, you’ll probably like these golf balls. They generate high ball speed and plenty of spin. They also have a higher ball flight.

This golf ball offered the most spin as compared to the Titleist Pro v1 and Vice Pro. Most golfers will appreciate the lower price tag as compared to most premium balls on the market.

Higher swing speed golfers may lose a bit of distance off the tee, at least in my experience while hitting them between 110 – 114mph. They did not stack up to the distance I normally get with my Vice Pro, or even the Titleist pro v1.

Check out my review on another direct-to-consumer manufacturer, Snell Golf balls.

Good luck on the golf course!

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