HackMotion Golf Review – Perhaps The Most Detailed Swing Analyzer Available

I have been working on my game with HackMotion recently, it is a pretty amazing piece of technology! In this HackMotion review, I’m going to share my experience with the device and how it is helping me to understand my swing mechanics much more deeply.

I will tell you upfront – this device is not for everyone. It is not a quick fix, you don’t just put it on and your game is magically better.

But if you’re willing to put the practice in and dive deep into the data, HackMotion is going to provide you with an incredible level of detail about your golf swing. Detail that you cannot find anywhere else. It is extremely accurate, very simple to set up and use, and the support you get from HackMotion is unparalleled.

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What is HackMotion

HackMotion Sensor in the original box

HackMotion is a sophisticated golf swing analyzer and wrist angle training aid designed to improve golfers’ performance by providing in-depth analysis of wrist movements during the swing.

The device has two sensors, one is worn on your wrist, the other on the back of your hand. It can be used with or without a golf glove. The sensor connects to a smartphone app, available for both iOS and Android.

The HackMotion wrist sensor offers real-time data and feedback on wrist movements, including:

Radial/Ulnar Deviation

HackMotion not only tracks your swing but also highlights key areas for improvement, thereby eliminating guesswork and providing actionable insights for better golf.

HackMotion offers 3 feature options:

Core – Focuses on improving clubface control and full swing consistency by optimizing wrist angles.
Plus – Expanding on the Core features, plus also addresses putting.
Pro – Most comprehensive analysis, including all wrist data, tour data, and analytics for both hands

You can upgrade to a higher level tier at any time. The Hackmotion sensor doesn’t change, the app simply unlocks your new features upon upgrade.

Each version includes a 30-day money-back guarantee, a 2-year warranty, and free worldwide express shipping. The device is compatible with iOS and Android platforms, supports both right-handed and left-handed golfers, and comes with a package that includes the sensor, app access (with drills and audio feedback), a USB C cable, straps, and a glove attachment.

My Experience Using HackMotion

Hackmotion review cover photo wearing the device with a golf glove

The HackMotion sensor came super fast, it was on my doorstep in one day.

Initial Setup

It took only a minute to install the app. Then they run you through about 5 minutes of videos to help you get started, covering basics like how to wear it, calibration, reading the data, etc.

When I turned the device on, voila…connected.

Impressive so far…

The first time using Hackmotion was a bit overwhelming. Honestly, probably my own fault. I’m not a “read the manual” type of guy. So I never actually finished the 5 minutes of videos during setup, and at this point, I had taken no time at all to understand the data I’d be looking at.

That being said, it was incredibly easy to attach, calibrate, and jump into taking a few swings while getting the audio feedback and watching my wrist movements on the screen. After a practice session with full swing data, I certainly noticed a trend, but I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the data.

This is where I was first impressed with HackMotion’s dedication to customer support…

After the session, a feedback prompt popped up. How was your session? I gave it less than 5 stars and indicated that I was having trouble understanding the data. Next thing I know, I’ve got an email from HackMotion with a link to their Learning Center and a specific article on understanding the data.

My feedback also prompted them to open a trouble ticket where a human reached out to suggest a starting point and offer more assistance if needed.

After some reading, I was all set for my next practice session, confident I knew what I was looking at.

Practicing My Golf Swing With HackMotion

A clear pattern emerged for me during my sessions, my lead wrist was too flexed on nearly every swing.

Screenshot of the HackMotion App after my first golf training session

After doing some work with audio feedback enabled….Walking through my swing slowly, pausing at the top to inspect my wrist angles etc. My subsequent sessions were much better because of it…

Screenshot of the HackMotion App after my 2nd golf training session

And as you’d imagine, my ball striking was also better.

One other thing I really like are the “Key Takeaways” the app provides after a session.

HackMotion pro app displaying a key takeaway from my training session

“Top position was too flexed 64% of the time….can lead to hooking and pulling to leftum, yeah! That’s me!!

Knowing that my wrist angles are too flexed at the top has helped me gain some awareness that I was lacking in my swing. I’ve looked at my swing on video countless times, but it’s nearly impossible to pick up on some of those very slight deviations…this is where I can really appreciate the slogan inside the box – “Measure, Don’t Guess”

As with any change in the golf swing, it takes time…but it is exponentially easier when you can actually measure on every single swing.

Putting With Hackmotion

HackMotion Sensor on lead wrist with putting mat in background

When you enter putting mode, the wrist sensor becomes much more sensitive. I have never had a single golf shot that HackMotion did not detect, whether it was a full swing or during putting practice.

But I have had an occasional stroke added during putting when it wasn’t actually a stroke. This usually happens when retrieving balls. It’s not a big deal at all, it’s pretty easy to simply remove that recorded shot.

Screenshot from short game practice for putting stroke

Those first 3 and the 12th were me retrieving balls, as I said, easy enough to delete those strokes…

You can see from the chart that my wrist angles will change by about 5 degrees (flex/ext) from address. I have always felt that I have a very stable putting stroke, but HackMotion has worked with top putting coaches in the world to determine a +/- 2 degree deviation is the max desired.

After seeing the deviation in my data, it made me take a step back and really evaluate my putting stroke…something I’ve never done.

Because of this, I’ve already seen more consistency in my short putts and I’m making more of those 3-6 footers than I have in the past.

HackMotion’s Customer Support

Screenshot of customer support section of the HackMotion App

It was very clear to me from the beginning that HackMotion offers incredible customer support. I think this is very important given the cost and technical nature of the device.

The app is consistently looking for customer feedback. It’s not intrusive, usually its just one question after you finish a session. When you indicate there is a problem, you’ll get a human reaching out to offer assistance.

Anytime I have indicated a problem they have followed up quickly. To be clear, I have not actually experienced any “problems”. The issues I’ve had are all limited to my initial understanding of the data and how to interpret it. They have all the resources you need…it’s just a matter of getting up to speed on it.

The app itself is also being updated consistently, about twice per month on average. They are consistently adding new features and creating a better overall user experience.

These are all great indicators that HackMotion is in it for the long-term and they truly care about your overall experience. They’re not just selling you a golf training aid and moving on, they really do care about your experience.

With a large pool of golfers using HackMotion, they are also able to generate insights around common problems that many golfers experience. They use this data to generate educational content that all of us can benefit from.

HackMotion Review – Pros & Cons


In-depth Swing Analysis: Provides an incredible level of detail about your wrist movements, which is crucial for understanding and improving your swing.
Accuracy: The device is extremely accurate in tracking and analyzing wrist angles and movements, offering precise feedback for improvement.
Ease of Setup and Use: HackMotion is very simple to set up and use, with a user-friendly app and straightforward device calibration, making it accessible for users of various technical skills.
Comprehensive Customer Support: Exceptional customer support with proactive outreach, useful resources for understanding data, and consistent app updates for a better user experience.
Versatile Training Options: Offers different feature options (Core, Plus, Pro) to cater to various training needs and allows for upgrades to access more comprehensive features.
Feedback and Insights: Provides actionable insights and audio feedback during practice sessions, along with key takeaways to help users understand and work on specific areas of their swing.
Compatibility and Inclusivity: Compatible with both iOS and Android platforms and supports right-handed and left-handed golfers, making it widely accessible.
Guarantees and Shipping: Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, a 2-year warranty, and free worldwide express shipping.


Not a Quick Fix: The device requires a commitment to practice and a willingness to delve into the data for improvements, which may not suit golfers looking for immediate results with minimal effort.
Initial Overwhelm: First-time users might find the data overwhelming initially, but there are plenty of resources to help you through this phase.
Potential for Misinterpretation: Without proper understanding, there’s a risk of misinterpreting the data, although this is mitigated by excellent customer support and educational resources.
Occasional Misreads During Putting: The device may occasionally register non-stroke movements as strokes during putting, although these can be easily deleted.
Cost and Technical Nature: The investment in both cost and time to understand the technical aspects of the device might be a barrier for some golfers.

Who Should Consider HackMotion

Serious golfers committed to improvement and who would like an in-depth understanding of their golf swing. Those who are willing to put in the practice, analyze the data, and work toward tangible improvements.

Golf instructors and coaches looking for ways to perform detailed analysis for their students will find HackMotion invaluable. Profiles allow you to track multiple users to keep their data organized.

Golfers who enjoy data-driven practice will absolutely love HackMotion. You can track each training session by club, and keep notes if desired. Each golf shot has an incredible amount of data about your wrist angles throughout the entire swing, allowing you to deep dive on trends, replay individual shots, and get real time feedback as you practice.

Alternatives to HackMotion

The ProSENDR is another golf training aid which focuses on wrist angles. It is a fixed device that has no technology associated with it. Unlike HackMotion, ProSENDR does not measure your swing. Instead it is designed to place your wrist angle into the ideal position throughout your swing.

ProSENDR is a less expensive option to help train your wrist angle, but it does not have the ability to measure.

Another alternative is deWiz, a wearable technology that measures certain aspects of your golf swing. Unlike HackMotion, deWiz cannot measure specific wrist angles. Instead, deWiz focuses more on swing path, tempo, and swing plane

Tips to Get The Most Out of HackMotion

You should recalibrate the device after taking a break, after you’ve noticed the sensor move, or after you see a big change in the data from one swing to another. Recalibrating takes less than a minute and it’s usually not necessary during a single practice session. But it is something to keep an eye on if you see the numbers drastically change during a session.
Spend adequate time reading the materials from HackMotion. They provide a lot of valuable information, and the more you understand, the better your overall experience will be.
Understand that it’s about consistency. Everyone has their own unique swing, and consistency is critical. With HackMotion you can very easily measure your level of consistency throughout the swing. HackMotion is very flexible and does not impose a specific pattern on its users. Find the swing pattern that matches your natural golf swing and embrace it…

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

If you are a golf instructor, or a serious golfer committed to improvement, I think HackMotion can be an incredibly valuable tool. It will take a little bit of time and learning to get used to the information, but it only takes reading a few of their articles and getting through a couple of practice sessions to get comfortable with it.

Which feature option should you select? It depends on your overall goals and how you plan to use HackMotion. The Core package provides an exceptional level of detail and will be suitable for most golfers.

Upgrading to Plus gives you access to putting mode.

HackMotion Pro is suitable for coaches and analytical golfers. Pro allows you to create player profiles, great for coaches or those planning to share their device with family members or friends. Pro also provides you with the ability to capture data on your trail wrist, radial/ulnar, rotation, timing, and tempo.

Overall, I think HackMotion has been an extremely valuable tool that has provided me with significant insights into my golf swing. It has helped me identify the root cause of swing faults and it is helping me become more consistent. I cannot wait to report back with long-term results at the end of this golf season!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out in the comments or shoot me an email.

Hackmotion sensor on a golfer with smartphone app recording data.
Image from HackMotion Golf

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