ProSENDR Review – Does this training aid deliver results?

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I have been interested in a training aid for proper wrist angles for a while now, but I was always hesitant because most of them seemed gimmicky or were very expensive. Then I came across a video of Sean Foley showing their new Prosendr golf training aid and I thought – why not!

I’m a 7.7 handicapper, down from 16 just a short while ago. My goal is to get down to 4 this year and the Prosendr is going to be a key piece of the golf training I do to get there.

I have been using the Prosendr for about 3 months now. In this review, I am going to share my thoughts, some pros and cons, and some tips if you decide to get one yourself.

I have also validated, using HackMotion, that the ProSENDR does what it claims!

TLDR – Change takes time and effort – If you’re willing to put that time in, the prosendr is a great option to help keep your lead wrist flat, prevent overextension, widen your swing, and put you in a great finish position at the top. My wife and I both continue to actively use it and have seen some very positive change as a result.

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What is The ProSENDR?

In case you’re not fully up to speed on what the Prosendr is – It is a multi-use training aid that comes with a wrist cradle and compression sphere. It was created by David Woods and Sean Foley, two phenomenal golf coaches with significant PGA experience.

The wrist cradle straps onto your trail wrist and has a “cup-like” piece set at the average angle you’ll see from tour professionals. This piece sits over the back of your hand, and essentially prevents you from cocking your wrist too much at the top, and helps you get into position faster during the backswing. I’ll talk more about how this works below…

The compression sphere is a fancy way of saying “ball” that you hold between your arms as you swing. Don’t get me wrong, its a little more fancy than that, it is very comfortable and pliable, and it attaches to one of your wrists with velcro.

You can use just the cradle, just the compression sphere, or both at the same time, making the Prosendr a 3-in-1 training aid.

Probably the most important part of the ProSENDR are the training videos. I honestly would have tossed this thing in the trash if the videos were not available to help me understand how to use it and what to practice. There are a set of free training videos that explain how to use it and gives you a basic practice routine.

I purchased their “Eagle” bundle, which came with advanced protocol videos and short game practice. They go into much more depth for your practice sessions. I’m happy I added them to my purchase, but they are not “necessary”, you’ll still get a ton out of the regular practice videos if you choose to go that route.

The ProSENDR is Not For Everyone!

Don’t get me wrong, I really like the ProSENDR and have seen a lot of benefits and plan to continue using it. But…

stop, road sign, warning

If you are expecting…

A quick fix
To improve without putting in the time
A “no thought” training aid

This probably isn’t for you.

On the other hand – If you are willing to put the time into the training and you make good quality use of that time, there is no question it works. The prosendr training aid doesn’t “force” you into a position, instead it provides you the feedback when you get yourself into the correct position.

Although I’ve seen significant improvements in the short time I’ve had with it, those improvements did not come easy. I wanted to return it after my first session…but it got easier and easier as I continued working with it, and my ball contact has improved along with it.

My Experience With The ProSENDR

I am not a big fan of most training aids, I’m just very skeptical in most cases. And I’ve tried some real duds! When I pulled the Prosendr out of the box, I definitely felt that it was a high quality design. It looks and feels much nicer than it appears in the videos.

When I strapped it onto my wrist, I first thought it was going to be too small. I’m a bigger guy and the holidays were not kind to my waistline…but, it actually fits very well. My wife is also using it, and she is much smaller than I. It is very comfortable for both of us.

Taking my first swings…Your Experience May Vary!

Tyler swinging a golf club in the simulator with the Prosendr wrist cradle

With two of us using the Prosendr, we both had very different first impressions. My wife, a former olympic pistol shooter, loved it. She appreciates a very structured routine and it felt very comfortable with her current swing.

I wanted to throw it away after my first session. I finished the session and stepped away from it trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. I was following the videos very closely and was certain I was doing it right, but it just felt “off”. Out of curiosity I tried it again after a couple of hours, and this time it still felt a bit “off”, but it was significantly better.

Why did it feel “off”? Well, my swing sucked!!

With each subsequent session, it felt better and better…and now feels very normal.

What I Learned About My Swing

I realized that at the top of my swing I would stop rotating my body, but my club would continue because I was rotating my wrists. Then in the downswing, I didn’t maintain wrist extension and “release” the club through the ball.

Release is something I’ve always struggled with, and the Prosendr has shown me that I wasn’t putting myself in a great position throughout the swing. It has also shown me how to get into those positions!

On follow-through, I’ve never had that tall finish, that sort of picture-perfect pause at the top. I’ve tried to do it, but I just couldn’t seem to figure out how. Putting your hand back into the cradle at the top gives you that perfect finish, and it only took a couple of swings with the Prosendr for me to figure that part of it out.

Using The Compression Sphere

Prosendr Compression sphere

The first time I used the sphere, I seriously thought I was just too fat, or too wide, or not flexible enough. But as I kept working through it, I realized that I had no width in my swing. Something I had suspected before, but struggled to correct.

I played a lot of baseball as a kid and I think my golf swing sort of replicated a lot of the moves you would make to bring the bat up and ready.

Results From Using The ProSENDR

When I first started using it, I was hitting the ball out on the toe a lot. And when looking at videos of my swing, I had a tendency to stand too far away from the ball. The Prosendr sort of forced me to be in a better and more balanced stance.

My bad miss was always hard left, I would sort of pull across my body. As I’ve used the Prosendr, my hard left miss has drastically improved. I am also generating more swing speed seemingly effortlessly. I think my “release” has improved significantly, allowing me to swing far more controlled, but still generating higher swing speeds.

Jo has always had a huge out-to-in swing with seemingly no power. And you guessed it, she hits a lot of slices. After a month of using it, her slice is virtually gone! As she worked through the training, she realized that she was casting. By keeping her trail hand in the cradle longer, it shallowed her swing.

The result for her has been significantly more power and she is producing a slight draw versus the fade/slice that was seemingly impossible for her to correct.

In only a few weeks we both saw improvement. After a few months of use, I feel like my swing has improved for sure, but it takes a lot of work. I especially struggle while using the compression sphere. Working through those sessions can be frustrating, but after I finish and “just hit balls”, I feel so much more confident and I’m hitting much more consistent.

So again, this is definitely something that takes time and hard work. I think the ProSENDR helps a ton and I do believe it is speeding up the process for me. Especially at the top of my swing.

I plan to continue using it 3 – 4 times per week, along with the swing speed training I’ve been doing in my pursuit of getting to scratch!


Effective training for wrist angles
Versatility and multi-use design
High quality material and comfort
Supportive training videos
Improvements in swing mechanics


Requires time and effort with a long-term approach item
May be an initial adjustment period
Advanced training videos are at an additional cost

Note: We currently have no affiliation with Prosendr, there is no kickback if you make a purchase, this is a 100% unbiased review.

How Does The ProSENDR Work?

The wrist cradle straps onto your trail arm just above the wrist. This places a “cradle” behind your hand that is set to a specific angle. As you move into your backswing, this promotes a flat left wrist (for right-handed golfers). The cradle also promotes right wrist extension at the top, and through transition.

What does all of that mean? Well, it basically puts you in a great position at the top, which makes it exponentially more likely you’ll make a good swing. If you’re out of place at the top, your body has to do a number of things in about a half a second to correct.

The compression sphere helps you learn how to keep your elbows closer together…the only way to do that is to create width in your swing. More width = more power.

Additional Validation ProSENDR Works

Aside from the growing list of Tour Professionals out there using ProSENDR, which speaks for itself…I decided to give it a try while collecting data from HackMotion.

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What I see in my swing data obtained from HackMotion is a tendency to flex my lead wrist. This closes down the club face and is a significant part of my misses to the left.

While placing HackMotion on my lead wrist and ProSENDR on the trail wrist, I can measure the exact lead wrist angle when my back hand is in the cradle. The ProSENDR is supposed to get your lead wrist into a neutral position.

And it absolutely does! When I’m wearing the ProSENDR, and focusing on getting my hand into the cradle, my lead wrist angle is perfect every swing!

Tips to Help You Get The Most Out of Prosendr

Take a long-term approach to the training. Working through swing changes can take a significant amount of time, especially if they are major changes. If you are changing wrist conditions in your swing, its going to take time to ingrain those new habits.
Follow the advice in the videos! After using it for a few sessions, it may feel tempting to just jump into a full swing when you train with it. The videos walk you through a progression, suggesting a specific number of repetitions for each movement prior to full swings. I feel that I get much more out of each training session when I follow those progressions.
Don’t ruin your golf game! Separate your “golf training” and your play. When you go out to play, just play. If you’re trying to make a bunch of adjustments on the course, it’s probably not going to work out. Over the long-term, the training will create those new habits and you’ll do it naturally.

Final Thoughts

PGA Tour players, including Rory McIlroy and Justin Thomas are using the Prosendr. Michael Kim, also on the PGA Tour, was ranked 350th in the world when he started using the Prosendr, he is now in the top 100.

I’m certainly no PGA pro, but I think this training aid helps golfers of all levels. I’m not a big fan of most golf training aids, but I am loving this one! And…I have no affiliation with Prosendr, there is no kickback if you make a purchase, this is a 100% unbiased review.

If you are looking to improve your golf swing, and you are willing to put the time into it, this can be a tremendous asset for you, it certainly has been for us.

Good luck on the course, and let us know if you have any questions.

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