Lower My Handicap – Aug 16, 2022 Update

It has been a couple of months since I made an update on my journey. A lot has happened between then and now! Overall, my level of play has only gotten slightly better. But, I believe it is going to start moving in the right direction much faster very soon.

The first thing I did was get the Arccos sensors and Caddie app. I have only been using it for about a month now. Not enough time to give a full review, but so far it has proven to be extremely useful! There are some small details that I had to get used to and had to work through. It is certainly not perfect, but it does a great job once all of the data is in place. The biggest takeaway I have had so far is how much my approach shots are affecting my game. Driving and approach shots, actually. Although a lot of my approach shots “seem” to get me close, I am not hitting enough greens in regulation. I can say poor club selection and choices on target are near the top of the list on reasons why.

A Good Book

I mentioned club selection and target choices as a hinderance to my approach game. Well, The Four Pillars of Golf by Jon Sherman has really opened my eyes to it. Jon goes into great detail on statistics that are really hard to argue with. The old adage is drive for show, putt for dough. But that’s not entirely true. He walks through a series of stats comparing amateur golfers and professionals. And what he is presenting is exactly what I am seeing in the data from the Arccos app. It seems so obvious now, but it certainly was not before, at least not to me.

The book also offers a ton of information on game management and your mental approach. I have only recently finished it and have not had much of a chance to put the advice into action. That being said, I am pretty confident it is going to have an immediate impact.

A Simulator

So I mentioned in my last post on this topic that we were looking at installing a simulator. Well, it is installed! It is from Foresight Sports. I plan to do 3 things with it.

  • Lower my handicap by working on technique, ball striking, distances, you name it…
  • I have started a challenge to #BeatBryson at long drive. I’ll post more on this topic separately.
  • Product testing and reviews
Golf simulator, white backdrop with green turf in front.
Still need to add some carpet around the edges, but it is in full use in the basement at this point.
Laptop screen displaying club and ball data from a shot. 326 yards total distance with 165.9 ball speed.  1.7 degree launch angle and out to in path.
My best drive so far (distance), really in just baselining where I am for the #BeatBryson long drive. Lots of work to do…

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