Sweaty Hands in Golf: Top Grips and Tips for a Dry Swing

If you’re anything like me, you’ll rotate through about 3 different gloves during a round of golf in the summer months, either because you have sweaty hands, or the sweat is running down your arm onto your hands.

Either way, handling sweaty hands in golf is part of the game for many golfers, and finding the right grip and/or managing your sweaty hands during a round is crucial. This article offers straightforward advice on top golf grips like the Golf Pride ZGRIP Cord and smart habits to keep your hands dry during play.

Key Takeaways

  • The best golf grips for sweaty hands include Golf Pride ZGRIP Cord, Lamkin Crossline 360 Genesis Full Cord, Golf Pride MCC Plus4, and Winn Dri-Tac Series, each offering unique features such as extra traction, comfortable materials, and durable designs.

  • To combat sweaty hands while golfing, alternate golf gloves, consider using rain gloves, apply grip enhancement products like rubbing alcohol or specialized lotions and sprays, and focus on staying cool and hydrated.

  • Regular grip maintenance can help maintain optimal performance: clean your grips regularly, monitor for signs of wear, and replace grips periodically

Top Golf Grips for Sweaty Hands

For those grappling with sweaty hands, maintaining control and stability during swings necessitates a proper grip. But not all golf grips are created equal. Some grips that offer superior traction, control, and durability in humid conditions. Some of the best golf grips for sweaty hands are:

  • Golf Pride ZGRIP Cord

  • Lamkin Crossline 360 Genesis Full Cord

  • Golf Pride MCC Plus4

  • Winn Dri-Tac Series

We’ll examine each one to understand better how they can assist you in maintaining control on the course.

Golf Pride ZGRIP Cord

Golf Pride Z-Grip Cord

We begin with the Golf Pride ZGRIP Cord, widely recommended as the top golf grip for sweaty hands. This grip is not just a favorite amongst golfers with sweaty palms, but many golfers swear by it for its firm grip that is crucial for maintaining control.

One of the standout features of the Golf Pride ZGRIP Cord is the extra traction it offers, thanks to its cord layout. This feature is a game-changer in humid conditions, where sweat is at its peak.

Lamkin Crossline 360 – Genesis Full Cord

Lampkin Crossline 360

The Lamkin Crossline 360 Genesis Full Cord grip is another commendable option in the fight against sweaty hands. Offering a combination of comfort and excellent traction, this grip is a go-to for players struggling with sweaty palms.

An upgrade on the classic Crossline pattern, the Crossline 360 Genesis features a new, softer surface material called Genesis, complemented by a full-cord cotton weave for enhanced performance. The full-cord weave aspect of the grip aids in reducing twisting on diverse strikes while delivering clear feedback regarding the quality of each strike. So, whether it’s a wet or extremely hot round of golf, this grip has got you covered.

Golf Pride MCC Plus4

Golf Pride MCC Plus 4

Another favored choice for golfers with sweaty hands is the Golf Pride MCC Plus4 grips. Known for their superior traction and high durability, these grips are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and the wear and tear that comes with it.

The Plus4 design incorporates a larger lower hand diameter, encouraging lighter grip pressure, enhancing power without compromising control. With an impressive customer rating of 4.9 out of 5, these grips have not only won over the golfing community but also made a significant impact on the grip market.

Winn Dri-Tac Series

Winn Dri-Tac

Finally, but equally important on our list of top golf grips for sweaty hands, is the Winn Dri-Tac Series. These grips are celebrated for their soft and tacky feel, making them lightweight and ideal for managing sweaty hands on the golf course.

The Winn Dri-Tac 2.0 grips offer enhanced durability, shock absorption, tacky and soft feel, longevity, and boasts a high customer rating of 4.9 out of 5.

These club grips are a popular choice amongst golfers due to their playability, quality, and great grip, making them not only the best golf grip option available but also many players’ favorite golf grips.

Tips to Combat Sweaty Hands on the Golf Course

While having the right grip is a significant part of the battle against sweaty hands, it’s not the whole war. Other strategies to manage sweaty hands on the golf course include:

  • Rotating golf gloves

  • Using rain gloves

  • Applying grip enhancement products

  • Staying cool and hydrated

These strategies, combined with the right grip, can help you maintain control of your golf club and improve your game.

We’ll delve into these suggestions in greater depth.

Rotating Golf Gloves

Ever noticed how your golf glove gets soaked with sweat during a round? That’s where rotating golf gloves comes into play. By using multiple gloves interchangeably during play, you can keep the gloves dry and ensure a better grip on the clubs, a crucial factor for players with sweaty hands.

Maintaining a consistent grip and dryness is critical to optimal performance, and rotating gloves can assist in this. So, if you’re tired of dealing with sweaty gloves disrupting your game, consider adding a few extra gloves to your golf bag.

As you play, simply change your glove as it starts to feel damp. If you are riding in a cart, you can strap them to the roof frame to let them get some air and dry out. Alternatively, strap them on the outside of your bag to let them get some sun and airflow. On a particularly hot and humid day, I sometimes rotate through 4 gloves. If it’s just hot, and not so humid, I can usually get away with simply rotating two.

Using Rain Gloves

Rain gloves are not just for rainy days. With their tacky material, they can be a lifesaver for golfers with sweaty hands. These gloves help maintain a superior grip during play, making them an essential addition to your golf gear.

In humid regions like South Florida, rain gloves are a popular choice due to their effectiveness in preserving grip in moist conditions. Their material becomes naturally tackier as your hands sweat during the game, reducing the need for frequent glove changes. So, next time you’re shopping for golf gloves, don’t overlook rain gloves. They might just be the solution to your sweaty hand woes.

Grip Enhancement Products

If you’re looking for an easy way to improve your grip, consider grip enhancement products. Powders, sprays, or rubbing alcohol can work wonders in absorbing moisture or drying your hands to improve grip, making them an excellent choice for golfers with sweaty hands.

One popular method is rubbing alcohol, simply splash some on your hands and rub it in, almost as if you are rinsing your hands. It will dry your hands pretty quickly and usually works for a few holes. Alternatively, there are special lotions and sprays that enhance grip by being applied directly to the hands. These products can prove especially useful in humid or sweaty conditions, so why not give them a try?

Staying Cool and Hydrated

Staying cool and hydrated while you play golf on the golf course is about more than just comfort. It can also lead to less sweat production, resulting in better grip performance. So, how can you ensure you stay cool and hydrated during your round?

Start with a hydration plan that includes a supply of water and electrolyte-rich beverages like sports drinks. You can also use an umbrella for shade and wear moisture-wicking clothing to reduce sweat production. Keeping a towel handy to wipe your forearms and prevent sweat from running onto your hands is another great option.

I like to keep two towels, one that I’ll soak in ice water and wipe my head and neck periodically to stay cool. Another to wipe the sweat away.

By staying cool and hydrated, you can keep your grip performance at its peak, even in the hottest conditions.

Choosing the Right Grip Size and Type

Choosing the right grip size and type isn’t just about comfort, it’s crucial for a properly fit set of golf clubs and significantly impacts a golfer’s performance. From hand size and grip style to swing pressure, there are multiple factors to consider when selecting the right grip.

We’ll examine in depth how to find the perfect fit for you.

Measuring Hand Size

Most grip manufacturers provide size charts for their grips. You can either measure your hand from the base of your palm to the tip of your middle finger, and choose the right size based on specific manufacturer guidance.

Alternatively, glove size can be used as a good rule of thumb.

XL = Midsize to Oversize

L = Standard to Midsize

M = Standard

S = Undersize

Testing Different Grips

Once you have your hand measurements, the next step is to start testing different grips. Just like how you would try on shoes before buying, testing different grips can help you find the right grip size and type for your needs.

This can be a straightforward process, especially if you have a golf shop nearby. Simply try a couple of preferred grips on a few clubs before purchasing a whole set. This step could add consistency to your swing and ultimately, improve your overall performance.

Grip Maintenance and Care

Just like any other piece of golf equipment, your golf grips need regular maintenance and care for optimal performance. This includes regular cleaning, inspecting for damage, and replacing worn grips.

Cleaning Golf Grips

Cleaning your golf grips is a crucial part of grip maintenance. Regular cleaning helps:

  • Restore the surface tack of golf grips

  • Prevent hand slippage during play

  • Improve your grip performance

  • Extend the life of your grips

Cleaning your grips is pretty straightforward. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Gather warm soapy water and a soft brush or sponge.

  2. Soak your grips in the soapy water.

  3. Scrub the grips with the soft brush or sponge.

  4. Rinse the grips in clean water.

  5. Pat dry with a towel or let them air dry.

Do this as needed to remove accumulated dirt, sweat, and residue, ensuring optimal performance and grip feel.

More on how to clean your golf clubs.

Regularly Changing Grips

Apart from regular cleaning, changing your grips regularly is another important part of grip maintenance. Over time, grips can start to show signs of wear and tear, like sheen, worn spots, or slipping on humid or rainy days. These signs can negatively affect your game.

So, how often should you change your grips? Here are some guidelines:

  • Tour professionals often change their grips roughly every six weeks to two months.

  • For the average golfer, consider grip replacement every couple of years.

  • With quality grips like the Winn Dri-Tac 2.0, you can expect them to last over 150 rounds without significant wear.

Additional Accessories for Sweaty Hands

Beyond the right grip and care, there are additional accessories that can help you combat sweaty hands on the golf course. Sweatbands and golf towels can help absorb sweat and keep your hands dry during play.


A simple yet effective accessory for managing sweat on the golf course is a sweatband. Designed for comfort and minimal distraction during play, sweatbands can help absorb sweat and prevent it from reaching your hands during swings.

Wristbands specifically designed for golf can reduce the amount of sweat running down to the hands from the forearms. And for those with sensitive skin, there are hypoallergenic sweatbands available to avoid any irritation or allergic reactions. So, if you’re struggling with sweaty hands, consider adding a sweatband to your golf gear.

Golf Towels

Golf towels come in various types, such as microfiber and waffle-weave patterned towels. I’m not talking about the towel you use to clean your clubs. Getting a quality towel with good absorption to wipe sweat off your forearms and everywhere else, is a necessity for many golfers. By adding a golf towel to your gear, you can ensure that your hands and grips stay dry throughout your round, even in the sweatiest conditions.


As we’ve seen, managing sweaty hands on the golf course is more than just a matter of comfort. It’s crucial for maintaining a good grip, ensuring control during swings, and ultimately, improving your overall golf performance. So whether it’s choosing the right grip like the Golf Pride ZGRIP Cord or the Winn Dri-Tac Series, rotating your golf gloves, using grip enhancement products, or staying cool and hydrated, there are various strategies you can employ to combat sweaty hands on the golf course. And don’t forget the additional accessories like sweatbands and golf towels to help keep your hands dry during play. Remember, every swing counts, so don’t let sweaty hands hold you back.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop my hands from sweating in golf?

To keep your hands from sweating in golf, you can carry multiple gloves, use grip spray, and wear a sweatband on your wrist. These methods can help you maintain a dry grip for better control during your game.

Why do your hands sweat while playing?

Your hands sweat while playing because of the emotional response triggered by the competitive nature of the game. It’s a common physiological reaction. Your hands may also get sweaty from your forearms and sweat running down onto your hands.

What are the best golf grips for sweaty hands?

The best golf grips for sweaty hands are the Golf Pride ZGRIP Cord, Lamkin Crossline 360 Genesis Full Cord, Golf Pride MCC Plus4, and Winn Dri-Tac Series. Try these out for a better grip on the course!

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