Vice vs Pro v1 – Full Comparison

The Titleist Pro v1 has been the gold standard in golf balls for years! How will Vice stack up in a Vice vs. Pro V1 battle? Well, the short answer is – Really well!

The cost of a Pro V1 is about $4+ per ball. If you are a tour player, they are throwing these things at you. But is it worth the extra cost for the rest of us?

I have played the Titleist Pro V1 quite a bit. I have also played Vice golf balls, the Vice pro is my regular ball. After thorough testing in the simulator, I am happy to share the numbers!

What is the Vice equivalent to Pro V1?

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The Vice Pro is equivalent to the Pro V1. They both have a soft feel and get great short-game spin around the greens. Distance? The Vice Pro wins…

Vice Pro Golf Balls

Vice has a full lineup of golf balls, you can check out my full vice golf balls review here.

In their marketing, Vice Golf also compares the performance of their Vice Pro golf balls against Titleist Pro V1.

How does Vice Pro compare to Pro V1?

In independent studies, they are extremely comparable. In my personal experience, I have noted very similar performance numbers in the simulator and out on the course.

Vice Golf has regularly worked with Golf Laboratories to conduct comparison studies of their golf balls against the leading premium golf ball in the specific category. Those studies put the Pro V1 and Vice Pro against one another.

The final numbers are extremely close, with the Vice Pro getting a few extra yards in their most recent testing.

Short Game Spin

ProV1 wins this category!

Looking at real numbers from my GC3 launch monitor, I can get a true comparison of how each golf ball performs. The Prov1 edges out the vice pro.

15-Yard Flop Shot

I was trying to generate as much spin as possible on these shots.

 Ball Backspin (Average)
 Vice Pro7332

50-Yard target.

 Ball Ball Speed (Average) Backspin (Average) Carry (Average) Total Distance (Average) Club Speed (Average)
 Vice Pro4748463951.843.1

75-Yard target

Ball Ball Speed (Average) Backspin (Average) Carry (Average) Total Distance (Average) Club Speed (Average)
Vice Pro6563737177.657.6

100-Yard target

Ball Ball Speed (Average) Backspin (Average) Carry (Average) Total Distance (Average) Club Speed (Average)
Vice Pro7470338796.463.6

150-Yard target

Ball Ball Speed (Average) Backspin (Average) Carry (Average) Total Distance (Average) Club Speed (Average)
Vice Pro1005746136148.376.0

Distance off the Tee

Vice Pro wins this category!

In this category, I find the Vice Pro golf ball to be slightly better. Slightly! I generally get more ball speed from the Vice, but the ProV1 ball flight is a bit higher.

The two golf balls come to rest at pretty much the same distance. The Prov1 usually gets slightly less spin off the tee, but overall, I hit the Vice Pro just a few yards further.

Please keep in mind, this table is from a sample collected by me, an amateur golfer. The ProV1 came up short in distance, but my efficiency rating when hitting the Vice was slightly higher. This likely skews the numbers a bit.

The only thing I can say that I really noticed with these two golf balls is I struggled to get the ProV1 to travel more than 310 yards. With the vice balls, I was able to get several over the 310 mark.

My swing speed averaged 112 during this test.

Ball SpeedSpinCarryTotal DistancePeak Height
Vice Pro163.12281282.3305.831.9


Vice Pro wins this category!

These are some great golf balls! But, I find the vice ball feels just a bit softer. This one comes down to personal preference, so when I say it is a win in this category, that is really my own preference.

I love the way the vice pro feels! The first time I tried the vice pro, I knew I was going to like it. Even at higher swing speeds, the Vice Pro ball feels softer. There is less of a “click” when hitting it vs ProV1.


Vice Pro wins this category!

This one isn’t even close, especially if you buy them in bulk direct from Vice Golf. You can get them for as low as $28.99/dozen as of Oct 2022. That’s almost half the price. I wouldn’t say it is a cheap golf ball, but it is certainly much less than most premium balls on the market.


It’s a tie!

I really notice no difference whatsoever between the two here. If you hit a cart path, either one of them is going to have a scuff. Hitting balls over and over out of the sand, they hold up about the same.

Amateur golfers will probably lose them before durability becomes a problem.

Overall Winner

I have to give it to the Vice Pro golf ball! The performance is almost identical to the ProV1, but they cost significantly less.

These are two really good golf balls. Putting the price difference aside, the vice pro performs! They do recommend these balls for players with high swing speeds, so that is something to take into consideration.

If you have a slower swing speed, you might consider some of the other vice golf balls. Or give our selector tool a try!

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Good luck on the golf course!

2 thoughts on “Vice vs Pro v1 – Full Comparison”

  1. Thanks for the review. High handicapper, loose a lot of balls but I do have my good days and am quickly making progress. I like the green side performance of higher end balls (urethane). When I do hit a good shot, I love to see the stop and drop near the pin. I found Sams Club has these Vice Pros at the store for 27.98 for 2 dozen. Too good a deal to pass up. Thats why I googled the comparison, and you helped me decide to stock up on some new Vice Pros.

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