Hi, I'm Tyler, a passionate golfer with over 30 years on the course. Currently, I'm an 8-handicap golfer on a mission to zero. I am PEAK certified from Foresight Sports, and an active member of the Veteran Golfers Association and Simulator Golf Tour. Off the course, I'm an avid sports enthusiast. Whether I'm testing new golf equipment, watching pretty much any sport that exists, or perfecting my swing on my home golf simulator, I'm always immersed in the thrill of competition and skill improvement. Feel free to contact me. Bigteesgolf@gmail.com or 314-329-0279


Neuromechanics Transcript In a recent presentation, I discussed the, the biomechanics of increasing speed, neural mechanics um is a field of study that combines biomechanics and neurophysiology. So it looks at studying uh the skeleton. So the bones, the muscles and the nervous system and how they interact to allow

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