Taylormade Tour Response Review – Incredible Feel

I put the new Taylormade Tour Response to the test – This ball feels great! And compared to my experience with Taylormade’s first version, the 2022 Tour Response ball gets significantly more spin around the greens.

I’ve hit thousands of golf balls in the simulator, and I recently compared the Tour Response to the TP5 and ProV1. After getting data from the GC3 and playing a round on the course, here is a summary of what I found.

  • The new Tour Response still feels amazing, very soft feel

  • The Tour Response gets a little less spin than both the TP5 and ProV1 around the greens

  • The Tour Response performs extremely similar to the TP5 and ProV1 with Mid-irons and driver

  • The Tour Response Stripe is nice to putt, but can be odd out on the fairway

Taylormade Tour Response Golf Ball Review

Taylormade released the initial version of the Tour Response in January 2020. Taylormade attempted to put a “tour” level ball into the hands of the everyday golfer.

The design has changed a bit, the 2022 Tour Response has incorporated the same tour flight dimple pattern you’ll find on their premium ball, the TP5. Taylormade claims this has added “next-level aerodynamics…promoting maximum carry distances”.

I put the Taylormade Tour Response head-to-head with the TP5 and ProV1. Based on the numbers, they do perform very well. They have a softer feel than both the TP5 and ProV1. In terms of distance performance off the tee and on approach shots, they perform nearly identical.

Around the greens, you’ll lose just a little bit of spin with the Tour Response compared to the TP5 and ProV1, but it’s not much of a difference. I noticed the difference in the numbers on the launch monitor, but couldn’t tell out on the course.

Taylormade Tour Response stripe golf ball on the putting green.

If you opt for the Tour Response Stripe model, I liked it for putting. It made it very easy to line up. Most balls with a single line are really hard to get lined up perfectly. This one felt much easier to line up. I didn’t care for it though when hitting it from the fairway. If you are playing it down, the stripe isn’t so subtle and is seldom aligned the way you’d want it.

You’ll have to decide whether it would be a distraction for you or not.

Quick Facts

The Taylormade Tour Response golf balls are made with 3-piece construction and a single piece 100% urethane cover. They are rated by the USGA as low spin with a driver and high spin with short irons. They have a 322 “Tour Flight” dimple pattern and a very soft feel.

You can get the Taylormade Tour Response golf ball in white or yellow. You can choose the Tour Response stripe model, they are available in green or light blue. You can also opt for a multi-color pack which comes with 3 balls each that are green, red, blue, and burgundy.

They are currently rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon from about 1,800 reviews. From those reviews, it is very clear customers appreciate the feel and overall quality of the Tour Response.

Taylormade Tour Response golf balls in front of a GC3 launch monitor.





  • Good Distance off the Tee and throughout the bag
  • Good greenside spin
  • Great Feel
  • Stripe option can be nice for putting


  • Price
  • You won’t get quite as much spin as other premium golf balls

Who Should Use the Taylormade Tour Response Golf Balls

Due to its higher price point, I would only recommend this golf ball for players with a mid handicap or better. Even mid-handicappers may want to consider other options, however. The Tour Response is on the edge of being considered a “premium ball”, and it is priced accordingly.

It is slightly less expensive than other premium balls, but priced higher than other balls in the mid-range that perform just as well.

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If you are skilled enough to produce spin around the greens and you’re looking for a ball that feels great, I’d say go for it!

I would recommend this ball for players with any swing speed. My testing shows this ball performs well at any swing speed.

The Taylormade Tour Response is featured in my post on the Best Golf Balls for Distance

Taylormade Tour Response vs. TP5 & ProV1

The Tour Response really separates itself with its soft feel. Both the TP5 and ProV1 are considered soft feel golf balls, but compared to the Tour Response, they feel a bit firm.

Ball SpeedSpinCarryTotal DistancePeak Height
Tour Response159.61981272.7298.529.2 Yards
ProV1162.82151272.2297.435.2 Yards
TP5160.71956273.1299.333.8 Yards
110 MPH Swing Speed Average
Ball SpeedSpinCarryTotal DistancePeak Height
Tour Response121.74762178.4189.430.8 Yards
ProV1120.94743176.8190.528 Yards
TP5119.95005172.9186.327.8 Yards
87 MPH Swing Speed Average
Average SpinHighest Spin
Tour Response6,7668,890

Highlights of My Best Tee Shots With The Tour Response

Tee shot with the Taylormade Tour Response in the golf simulator

This was one of my better tee shots with the Tour Response. 166mph ball speed with a 115mph swing speed and 299 yards carry, I’ll take it all day long on the golf course.

When I took the Tour Speed out to the golf course, I also hit some pretty long drives off the tee. On a short par 4, about 320 yards, I ended up going over the green with roll. I did have a little wind to my back, so that helped a bit, but it was the longest ball I’ve ever hit on that particular hole.

Final Thoughts

Tyler with Tour Response golf balls.

The Taylormade Tour Response is one the best feeling golf balls I’ve tested. I was first introduced to them after winning a long drive hole at a local scramble, they were part of the prize pack.

I thought they felt great back then, and my recent testing confirms that. I am not sure I would call them a “Tour ball”, I think any Pro playing a Taylormade golf ball will still opt for the TP5 or TP5x. That being said, for weekend and casual golfers, they will perform well and feel great.

I think they could be priced $5 – $10 cheaper, but if you are partial to Taylormade, it is a great option for a slight discount on the premium end.

Good luck on the golf course, and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out or post them below in the comments.

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