Noodle Golf Balls Review – Great Price

I have used the Noodle golf balls off and on for well over a decade. There is no doubt they are one of the cheapest golf balls you can get, and they perform really well for the price.

I decided to put them on the simulator to see what kind of numbers I would get compared to a couple of other low-cost golf balls.

I’ve hit thousands of golf balls in the simulator, and I recently compared the Taylormade Noodle to the Srixon Soft Feel and Bridgestone e6. After getting data from the GC3 and playing a round on the course, here is a summary of what I found with the Noodle golf balls

  • Low spin and great distance off the tee

  • Slightly more spin than its competitors with mid-irons

  • Very low greenside spin compared to its competitors

Overall, compared to other 2-piece golf balls in its price range, the noodle is a great option for beginners, mid-to-high handicappers, or anyone looking for an inexpensive ball.

Noodle Golf Balls Review

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In this Noodle golf balls review, I put them head-to-head with the Bridgestone e6 and the Srixon Soft Feel. I have also compared the numbers to the ProV1 and my usual gamer, the Vice Pro.

Based on the numbers, any golfer looking for a quality golf ball at a reasonable price will like this ball. The overall distance was really good off the tee. It feels slightly firmer off the wedges compared to the Srixon Soft Feel, but I wouldn’t put them in the “firm” category. They are soft golf balls.

Although I’ve been playing golf for 30 years, I wanted to get another opinion, so I reached out to a buddy of mine, Kris, who has been playing golf for well over 30 years himself. I knew he used to play with noodles, and he always cracked jokes about “long and soft”.

Kris immediately reminded me that he won the long drive at a scramble event we played in about 15 years ago with a Noodle. He hit it well over 320 yards that day. Kris said he is still using nothing but the Noodle today.

“Noodle long and soft baby! You can’t beat the price, and it’s long. It’s all I play with”.

Quick Facts

The first thing you should know about Noodle golf balls is – They no longer appear on the USGA conforming ball list.

What does that actually mean? For most golfers, nothing at all. Who cares! Just don’t use them in a USGA-sanctioned event. If you are playing in a local qualifier tournament, you’re probably not using a long and soft noodle anyway.

Playing a scramble with your buddies? Take the money you would’ve spent on ProV1s and buy a round of beers!

By the way – One of the inventors of the Noodle, Dean Snell, also had a hand in creating the ProV1?

Noodle golf balls in front of a GC3 launch monitor

Noodles have a very low compression rating and a 342 dimple pattern. It is a 2-piece golf ball manufactured by Taylormade.

Consumer reviews give this ball a 4.7 out of 5 stars with over 6,000 reviews!

TaylorMade spends a whopping $0 in marketing the Noodle. They keep the cost extremely low, especially for a new golf ball.

You can get a “double dozen” for right around $24, that’s $1 per ball. Good luck finding brand-new golf balls in that price range anywhere else.


  • PRICE!
  • Feel
  • Did I mention the price? ~$1/ball (For a golf ball, that’s cheap!)
  • Durability
  • Decent greenside spin
  • Distance


  • You won’t get quite as much spin as premium golf balls
  • You’ll be playing with a “long and soft noodle”
  • The Noodle recently fell off of the USGA compliant golf ball list, so it cannot be used in official events

Performance – Noodle vs. Srixon Soft Feel & Bridgestone e6

When I put the Noodle up against the Bridgestone e6 and Srixon Soft Feel, I noticed some clear differences – The Noodle goes the furthest! Here is a chart with the raw data from all 3 golf balls from my testing in the simulator.

Ball SpeedSpinCarryTotal DistancePeak Height
Bridgestone e6159.22053281.0305.434.3 Yards
Noodle160.32068282.2307.133.0 Yards
Srixon Soft Feel161.22295280.6303.933.1 Yards
111 MPH Swing Speed Average
Ball SpeedSpinCarryTotal DistancePeak Height
Bridgestone e6113.33462170.8186.226.3 Yards
Noodle111.53750165.1181.324.3 Yards
Srixon Soft Feel111.43509166.7184.325.8 Yards
83 MPH Swing Speed Average
Average SpinHighest Spin
Bridgestone e658436855
Srixon Soft Feel50746674

Performance Off the Tee

The numbers looked good in the simulator, but would that performance translate on the golf course?

I was getting pretty similar distance with all 3, but overall the Noodle long and soft didn’t disappoint. It went just as far as I would expect from premium balls. It is very low spin off the tee, so it can also help minimize a slice or hook.

It certainly won’t prevent it, but less spin also means less side-spin.

Overall, there are absolutely no complaints with the noodle off the tee.

Performance Around the Green

Due to its low-spin, noodle golf balls will roll out a bit more than any of its competitors, and certainly more than any premium ball.

If you are playing on softer greens and getting the ball up in the air, it will hit the green and die quickly. But if you are coming in with a lower trajectory, it will roll out. You’ll just need to consider this and adjust your approach shots accordingly.

I had no complaints with putting, the ball rolls just like it should and feels just fine off the putter.

Who Should Use the Noodle Golf Balls

I would recommend the Noodle to beginners, mid to high handicappers, and anyone looking for a cheap option for a quality golf ball.

I would NOT recommend the Noodle for low and mid-handicap golfers who are looking for maximum greenside performance and who are willing to pay a bit more for a 3-piece ball. Golfers in this category may consider the Vice Pro or the Titleist Tour Speed instead. At this price point, however, the Noodle is one of the best golf balls I’ve tested in its class!

The Noodle is a great option for many golfers and it is featured as one of my picks for the best golf balls for beginners, the best golf balls for high handicappers, and the best cheap golf balls.

Final Thoughts

The Taylormade Noodle Long and soft is a great option for many amateur golfers, especially those looking for a good ball at a cheap price. The Noodle performs very well off the tee and has a low-compression core, making it easy for most golfers to compress with their irons.

The Noodle golf ball is one that I have used for years, and have a few friends who also use it as their regular gamer. You cannot beat the price!

Just don’t use them in a USGA-sanctioned event as they no longer appear on the conforming ball list.

They are a soft golf ball and great for players of any swing speed. They lack greenside spin compared to other 2-piece balls, so take that into account on your approach shots.

Good luck on the course!

Noodle box and ball

Noodle Long & Soft

One of the best inexpensive golf balls on the market. Great distance, good feel, great for beginners, mid-to-high handicappers, and anyone looking for a quality golf ball at a lower price

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