Titleist Pro v1x Left Dash Review – Incredible Distance

I put the Titleist Pro V1x Left Dash to the test – it didn’t disappoint! This golf ball gets credit for the longest drive I have ever hit in my life.

I’ve hit thousands of golf balls in the simulator, enough to know what to expect from the numbers, and I was not surprised to see a bit of extra distance. I was a bit surprised to see the peak height, however.

Of all the Titleist golf balls I’ve tested, the left dash golf ball blows every other ball out of the water when it comes to trajectory – which is an incredibly important factor when it comes to overall driving distance.

They were great around the greens too!

Titleist Pro v1x Left Dash Golf Ball Review

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In this Pro V1x left dash review, I put them head-to-head with the Titleist ProV1. I also put them up against my usual gamer, the Vice Pro.

Based on the numbers, you’ll love this ball if you have a higher swing speed. You’ll also like the feel. I was expecting the left dash to have a firmer feel, but it felt really close to a regular ProV1.

Independent testing from others also shows this ball will get you some extra distance if you are a slower swing-speed golfer.

Quick Facts

The Titleist ProV1x Left Dash golf ball is made with 4 piece construction and a single-cast urethane elastomer cover. They are rated by the USGA as medium spin with a driver and high spin with short irons. They have a 328 spherically-tiled dimple design and a slightly firm feel.

You can get the Titleist ProV1x Left Dash golf balls in white.

They are currently rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon from about 200 reviews. It’s no surprise many golfers like this premium golf ball, but you’ll definitely pay for that!

Titleist Pro V1 left dash golf balls





  • Best distance of any golf ball on the market
  • Offers great greenside spin


  • Price
  • Firm ball, which many golfers do not care for

Who Should Use the Titleist Pro v1x Left Dash Golf Balls

Titleist ProV1x Left Dash golf ball on a tee just before I hit a 330 yard drive with it.

Due to its high price point, I would only recommend this golf ball for players with a mid handicap or better. Even mid-handicappers may want to consider other options, however.

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If you are skilled enough to produce spin around the greens and you’re looking for a bit more distance off the tee, I’d say go for it!

I would recommend this ball for players with both slower or higher swing speeds. Independent studies have shown this ball absolutely does produce more distance off the tee at lower speeds (95 MPH and below). At higher swing speeds (110+ MPH), it is also a great option.

If you are somewhere in the middle, this ball is not for you!

The Left Dash is featured in my post on the Best Golf Balls for Distance and the Best Golf Balls for Slow Swing Speed

If you are not sure what your swing speed is, here is a swing speed calculator.

If you are partial to Titleist golf balls, the AVX is their softest ball.

Titleist Left Dash vs. Titleist Pro v1

The most interesting part of hitting the left dash was when I started amping up my swing speed. I was absolutely producing the longest distance, over and over, that I have ever seen.

I was able to get my ball speed way up, and overall distance was amazing.

Ball SpeedSpinCarryTotal DistancePeak Height
Left Dash164.81854283.7309.832.2 Yards
ProV1161.91917271.9300.722.7 Yards
Vice Pro161.71788277.1306.124.6 Yards
110 MPH Swing Speed Average
Ball SpeedSpinCarryTotal DistancePeak Height
Left Dash118.25993175.2184.934.4 Yards
ProV11104973151.8161.519.1 Yards
Vice Pro110.35213152.7162.120.8 Yards
87 MPH Swing Speed Average
Average SpinHighest Spin
Left Dash74638902
Vice Pro64108209

Although it is rated as having a mid spin rating off the tee by the USGA, I was able to get some pretty low spin numbers off the tee.

The trajectory and overall peak height of the left dash was significantly higher than any other ball I’ve hit. Just to make sure it wasn’t a flaw in my swing, I kept throwing in a Vice Pro or a Pro V1 every now and then just to do a sanity check.

Wedge spin was right in line with what I’d expect out of any premium golf ball.

Highlights of my Best Tee Shots With The Left Dash

Titleist Prov1x left dash tee show on simulator

This was the longest drive I have ever hit on the simulator. 346 total yards from 116 swing speed. I absolutely attribute this to the overall trajectory and low spin.

After removing outliers, to include this 346 yard bomb, my average drive with the left dash was 309 yards.

My typical swing speed is around 110, so the 116 swing speed from the picture above is basically me trying to see what I can get out of this ball. I do that with every ball I test, and the left dash has gone the furthest, by far!

I also teed one up on a par 5 at my local course and hit an estimated 330 yards off the tee. It allowed me to get onto the green in two and finish with a birdie.

Final Thoughts

The Titleist ProV1x Left Dash is definitely worth considering if you are looking for extra distance and have either slower swing speeds, or high swing speed. You’ll get a higher trajectory and some added distance.

You will definitely get more spin around the greens. If you are looking for a softer feel ball, this might not be the perfect fit for you.

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