3 Best Golf Balls for Women – 2022

How can the fairer sex narrow down all the choices to find the best golf balls for women to play? Much like choosing an outfit, you have to know what works for you and your game.

Female golfers should consider their average swing speed, feel preference, price tolerance and whether colored golf balls make them happy.

Here are my top three picks for the best golf balls for women.

  • Vice Drive

  • Bridgestone Lady Precept

  • Taylormade Soft Response

How to choose the best golf balls for women?

⛳️ Our experts spend hours gathering data, testing, and comparing products to deliver comprehensive recommendations to help you choose. Find out more about how we test products.

How do you choose the right golf ball? Golf ball choice involves preferences in feel, distance, spin, trajectory, and price. Finding a ball that will align with your preferences is critical. But it has to perform. Performance is largely dependent on swing speed.

How do you know which golf balls fit your needs? That’s why we have created our golf ball selector tool.

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Golf Ball Selector Tool

There are tons of balls on the market. Finding the right one for you can be easy! GIVE OUR GOLF BALL SELECTOR TOOL A TRY!

We have thousands of data points on golf balls and their performance at various swing speeds.

Simply answer a few questions and the tool will provide you with recommendations that align to your individual preferences and skill level.

Faster swing speed players (less likely for a woman golfer) will benefit from a higher compression ball. Conversely, low compression balls would probably be a good bet for most women golfers.

Vice Drive – Women’s Golf Balls Budget Pick #1

Vice Drive golf balls

The Vice Drive is very forgiving and affordable. This is my #1 golf ball for performance and reliability and #1 in balls for women.


The Vice Drive is a softer feel golf ball. It is perfect for those of us (men and lady golfers) with slower swing speeds. It generates good ball speed, resulting in more distance and longer roll.

Ball Construction

  • 2-Piece golf ball

  • 312 dimple pattern

  • Low compression and low spin for maximum distance

  • Designed for players with low to medium swing speeds

My Experience

I felt my golf game showed good control with the Vice Drive. Shots were mostly in the fairway off the tee. I noticed a straighter ball flight than previously achieved with most other golf balls in the same price range.

Here is our full vice golf balls review.

I found it to perform very well for distance. Allowing me to reach some greens off the tee that most of my fellow lady golfers are unable to hit. At least at my local club.

Price and Where to Buy

You can buy them direct from Vice Golf with discounts for bulk purchases.

  • $15.99/dozen

  • $14.49/dozen for qty 3+

  • $12.99/dozen for qty 5+

Bridgestone Lady Precept – Best Women’s Golf Ball!

Bridgestone Precept Golf balls - Women's golf balls

The Bridgestone Lady Precept gets great distance. It is the best women’s golf ball on the market in my opinion.


The Lady Precept is a softer feel golf ball. It generates good ball speed and a higher flight, resulting in more distance.

Ball Construction

  • 2-Piece golf ball

  • 330 Seamless dimple pattern

  • Gradational compression for longer drives and greenside control.

My Experience

I found it to perform very well for distance. It feels good with my driver and irons. I also like the option of pink colored golf balls versus ordinary white, and the pink colored golf balls were actually easy to spot in the fairway.

Putting and chipping around the green felt very good as well. Overall, this was one of the best golf balls for women that I have found.

Price and Where to Buy

Taylormade Soft Response – Women’s Golf Balls Best for Slower Swing Speed

Taylormade Soft Response golf balls

The Taylormade Soft Response is a super soft golf ball that will perform best for those golfers with slower swing speeds.


The Soft Response is a very soft feel golf ball. It offers great feel in short game shots and compresses easily off the tee to maximize distance.

Ball Construction

  • 3-Piece golf ball

  • 322 Seamless dimple pattern

  • Soft Ionomer Cover for optimal greenside control

My Experience

While not specifically a ladies golf ball, the design favors a slow swing speed. My swing speed is a bit higher, so I felt that I lost some distance with this ball compared to the others.

I know some other women golfers who use this ball and love it. I personally found it to be very good around the green. The soft feel was great when putting and chipping.

I recommend this golf ball to those players with a command of their short game who are looking for more greenside control. The price is a bit higher on this ball, but it makes my list of best women’s golf balls for its control around the greens. Avoid if you are looking for distance on the golf course.

Price and Where to Buy

Difference between a men’s and a women’s golf ball?

You can do research to find the perfect golf ball in either market segment if you know what you and your game need. By choosing golf balls marketed to female golfers, some of the work is already done.

Typically, many women golfers find ladies’ golf balls perform better. Especially for those with slower swing speeds requiring lower compression and increased lift off the club face. The result is maximum distance and control.

Honestly, it really comes down to swing speed. Women’s golf balls are simply manufactured for golfers with slower swing speeds. Here is a full post on golf balls for slow swing speed!

But you don’t have to find a golf ball specifically marketed to women golfers. There are plenty of golf balls for slower-swing speed players on the market.

Do I need a lady golf ball?

Yes and perhaps, no. The golf ball market tries to match lady golfers with golf balls optimized for the expected slower swing speed, desired reduction of vibration and even some aesthetic perks like purple golf balls.

I think women golfers can find great golf balls in the gender neutral golf ball market if they know what they are looking for. Again, do you know what will help your game and what you prefer?

Seniors and ladies golf balls can be practically the same golf ball.

Perhaps you are a crossfit goddess and can hit the ball with an impressive swing speed. Do you use men’s or women’s golf clubs? A strong female might be completely happy playing men’s golf balls and clubs.

However, amateur women golfers with typical strength and physique may benefit by choosing lady golf balls tailored to slower swing speed players.

Final Thoughts

The best golf ball is not necessarily limited to premium golf balls. You can find a great golf ball that fits your game for a very reasonable price. Most golf balls have similar performance characteristics based on swing speed.

When buying golf balls for women, you should not limit yourself to those specifically marketed as lady golf balls. Shop based on swing speed and personal preferences for ball feel. This will ensure maximum distance and keep you comfortable around the green.

To help you with that, check out our free golf ball selector tool linked above.

Good luck on the golf course!

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