How to increase golf swing speed

Here you will find 4 ways to increase your golf swing speed and distance immediately. I’ll also share tips for longer-term swing speed gains.

Hitting bombs is one of my favorite things to do on the golf course. At this point, I feel like I’ve tried every tip I could find to increase my swing speed. Some gains can be achieved immediately, others take a longer-term approach.

I’ve been on a personal quest to drive the ball 350 yards, it has been difficult and is still a work in progress. I’ve managed to get a bit over 330 yards consistently. I’ll also share the mistakes I’ve made along the way so you can hopefully avoid them!

Benefits of Increasing your swing speed

More distance: A faster swing can translate into longer shots, which can give you an advantage.

The ability to reach a par 5 in two shots, or maybe leaving yourself with a shorter approach shot on a par 4.

You can also gain distance with proper equipment selection. Check out my post on the best golf balls for distance for recommendations in every swing speed category.

How to increase swing speed immediately!

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You can speed up your golf swing immediately by

  1. Warmup

  2. Being more relaxed

  3. Increasing the speed of your backswing

  4. Doing some Overspeed work.


How many times do you head out to the golf course after work and do nothing more than putt for a few minutes on the practice green, followed by 30 seconds of swinging to get loose?

I’m guilty of it!

As your own intuition already knows, range of motion is a critical factor in generating clubhead speed. Your body really needs to be primed and ready to go. Simply taking an extra 10 minutes to do some stretching and getting your muscles warm will go a long way!

Being More Relaxed

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It may sound counter-intuitive, but often times when you try to generate more power for a faster swing, your muscles tense up causing a loss of speed.

When you are addressing the ball, let your hands, shoulders, legs, and arms relax. Relax your grip. This promotes more flow and clubhead speed.

I have personally tested this on my home simulator with a GC3. When I am working through drills trying to get the absolute max, I get 2-3 mph higher swing speed when I let my body relax prior to the backswing.

Increase the Speed of Your Backswing

For years golfers have been told to have a slow and controlled takeaway. The problem with this advice, however, is the correlation in the tempo of your overall swing. The slower you take the club back, the slower it will come forward.

Again, this is another area I’ve tested on the home simulator. It is something you’ll hear from professional golfers, including Rory McIlroy and long drive champion Martin Borgmeier.

You can easily gain a few MPH immediately by having a faster backswing.

When you do this, be careful not to get your swing too far out of whack! Tempo in your golf swing is important, so you need to maintain a balance.

Overspeed Work

This one falls into both immediate and long-term strategies to increase your swing speed. As I am getting loose, just trying to get the blood flowing and the muscles warm, I’ll do some swings as fast as I can…in both directions.

I try to relax my muscles, fast backswing followed by a very fast swing. Turn your club upside down to allow yourself to swing faster than you can actually swing your driver.

This programs your body into understanding it has the ability to generate that much speed. Simply doing this for 30 seconds before teeing off will go a long way!

Don’t Overdo it!

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When you are warming up and preparing to tee off, work your way into swinging as fast as you possibly can. And actually do it, swing fast, get your body used to how it feels!

But when you actually get up to the tee, you have to maintain balance and strike the ball with the center of the club face. Otherwise, all of the swing speed gains you’ve achieved will be wasted by an errant shot.

How to increase your swing speed for the longer-term

Although you can see some immediate gains by following the steps outlined above, there are certainly more gains to be made for extra distance.

Weight training, balance and stability drills, consistent overspeed training, stretching, and good old-fashioned practice will go a long way. If you are able to master your form and overall technique, coupled with consistent training, you’ll see impressive swing speed gains!

A study published in the International Journal of Exercise Science shows a clear correlation between driving distance and an individual’s balance, flexibility, and strength.

Weight Training Balance & Stability

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I don’t mean you need to turn into Arnold! But at the same time, don’t be afraid of putting on a little muscle. Some worry that adding muscle will decrease range of motion, but the reality is you can absolutely add muscle AND increase range of motion.

Selecting exercises that increase strength in your “stabilizer muscles” will also contribute to better balance and flexibility.

Personally, I like the recommendations from Mike Carroll at Fit For Golf if you are looking for some quick and easy tips.

I also love the advice from Jeff Caviler at Athlean-X and have purchased a couple of his programs and love them. Jeff offers training advice for athletes and I think his advice and programs translate really well into golf.

Long-Term Overspeed Training

Taking the time to swing the golf club as fast as humanly possible in periodic sessions can go a long way to increase your swing speed. Especially when paired with strength and stability training.

What does this look like? Well, hit the ball as hard and fast as you possibly can, AND DO NOT CARE WHAT THE RESULT IS!

You’re going to slice, hook, top it, sky it, shank it…doesn’t matter. Just swing as hard as you possibly can. Your body will get used to the extra speed and adjust.

I’ve been doing this a couple times per week for a few months. When I first started, I couldn’t get more than 112 mph swing speed. I’m now able to get 119 mph.

That seems like a small amount, but that translates to an extra 25 yards of distance!

Form & Technique

I am certainly not qualified to teach about the golf swing, so I’ll simply share some things that have been helpful to me.

First, teeing your golf ball up. You need to hit up on the ball to generate more distance. Teeing it up higher will help promote a higher angle of attack.

Second, push up from your front foot. Admittedly, this is a technique I have not been able to master. Here are some tips from a professional long driver that will help.

Take Care of Your Body

If you plan on doing more than the simple tips to increase swing speed immediately, you need to consider your overall health and approach the task accordingly. You can also check out other tips on hitting the golf ball far.

Personally, I have fought through many aches and pains after doing too much. I’d hit 119 mph and want 120, so I’d go and go and go…Next thing I know, I’ve hit 100+ golf balls swinging as hard as I can, sweating my tail off, knowing the next day will be painful.

And it is! This has resulted in temporary lower back and knee pain for me. Honestly, it’s partially due to my own laziness. I want the results, but I have not fully approached it from a holistic standpoint.

I’ve seen some gains for sure, but I firmly believe I’d see significantly more if I were disciplined and approached it with the bigger picture in mind.

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