Rypstick Review – Speed Training for Extra Distance on the Golf Course

After using the Rypstick for about 8 weeks, my clubhead speed went from 75mph to 81mph. That is an increase of between 15-20 yards off the tee. And yes, I’ve seen that translate on the course! In this Rypstick review, I’m sharing my experience after a couple of months of use and details on whom I think should and should not give it a try.

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Benefits of Speed Training

On the PGA tour, more driving distance equals fewer strokes, as proven by the ShotLink system that collects stats on every shot by every player.

But what about us amateur golfers?

A study from Arccos Golf looked at players who gained 10 or more yards of distance from one season to the next. 65% gained at least 1 stroke each round, while 29% gained at least 3 strokes per round (Arccos).

It’s now common to see PGA, LPGA, and high-level amateurs training for speed these days, so I decided to give it a try.

After working through the Rypstick golf training, my swing is more powerful AND more controlled.

What is the Rypstick

The Rypstick is promoted as an all-in-one speed training system, promising significant improvements in swing speed and distance within a short period.

It is a versatile golf training aid that features three interchangeable weights and an optional counterweight, allowing for a variety of training options. Although it has a counter weight, I’m still not 100% sure I understand the value of it.

The product is used by both amateur and professional golfers. It’s accompanied by a free training app that provides guided workouts and the ability to track your progress.

Using the Rypstick

A swing speed radar is not required, but it is recommended! Rypstick golf sells a RypRadar for around $139, but you can use any radar device you’d like. I use the PRGR. Again, a radar device is not necessary, but it will offer you some additional benefits during your training. Specifically…

Allows you to establish a baseline and track your progress
Allows you to see your actual swing speed while you’re training, which helps you maintain a higher level of intensity throughout your workouts
Provides you with real-time feedback so you can “see” your progress, which will keep you motivated

The first thing you should do is download the Rypstick training app. It is available on both iOS and Google Play. The app is 100% free, so even if you don’t purchase a Rypstick, you can still use their training program.

The app will walk you through a baseline test when you first get started. They also have a warm-up routine you can follow before any workout. The app is very simple to use and it walks you through the workouts step-by-step, timing your breaks for proper rest and taking you through all repetitions for the workout.

It also provides you with a training calendar and gives you a quick snapshot of your progress for the current week and month.

Weight Combinations

As you perform the workouts, the app will tell you which weight combination you should be using. It could be anywhere from 0 weights, to all 3 weights and they can be changed quickly.

To change the weight combinations, you simply turn the clasp at the top of the oil can, add or remove your weights, then lock the clasp back into place. Note – The clasp is essentially a screw, so you’ll want to ensure you are tightening it when locking it into place.

Speed Training

Of all the ways to increase your swingspeed, overspeed training with the Rypstick is one of the most effective ways to build speed. But there are some things you should consider.

First, make sure you are fully warmed up prior to starting any session! I have a pretty decent daily workout routine and on the days I train with the rypstick, I simply add this onto the end of my normal workout.

Maintaining flexibility, and proper rest & recovery should also be considered. Due to the level of intensity, you may end up having some muscle soreness in areas you’re not used to. This happened to me in my hips and the outside of my legs. Just make sure you are taking days off in between training. If you follow the timeline in their training program, you should be good to go.

Rypstick App – Training Protocols

The Rypstick app has 8 Training Protocols, broken down by levels 1 – 8. As you progress through the training program, the app will guide you through the levels. Each level contains a warmup and baseline testing, the differences are in the various swing moves throughout the levels. Some are duplicated throughout the levels, but the swing moves include:

Top Down Swings
Lead Heel Lift
Transition Step
Torso Turns
Hand/Arm Swings
Step Back
One-arm Swings
Crow Hops
Tour Pro Squat

Although many of the movements don’t necessarily replicate what you would be doing in a regular golf swing, they are designed to produce speeds that you would not otherwise hit. This helps to create the neural connections to your muscles, which will help you produce faster speeds and more explosiveness over time.

Choosing the Right Size Rypstick

Rypsticks come in 45″, 44″, 41″, and 38″…generally designed for men, seniors, ladies, juniors, and indoor use respectively.

I train indoors with my Rypstick, and have the full size version which is 45″. We have a golf simulator in the basement and the ceiling height is sufficient to swing a driver. I’m also 5′ 10′, so I opted for the full-size. In hindsight, I don’t think it would have mattered if I had selected one of the shorter versions.

I think my speed gains would have been the same regardless of size. Perhaps having a size that is close to your driver will help you maintain good swing mechanics, but my main focus during speed training has been to increase speed…I work on my swing mechanics in other ways.

That approach seems to work for me, I’ve noticed my regular swing is more controlled and I have gained more speed. So, when you decide which size to choose, I’d choose first by the ability to use it in your desired area. If you have the ceiling height, go with one of the longer versions. If you don’t, take the shorter version and have the confidence it will still work great for you!

Comparing the Rypstick to Other Speed Trainers

There are plenty of golf swing speed trainers on the market, and the Rypstick is truly one of the best. From a price and features perspective, the Rypstick is on the higher end when it comes to features, and relatively low end of price.

Rypstick vs Superspeed – Rypstick has a single club design with 4 different weight combinations. Superspeed offers individual clubs for each weight, normally sold in a set of 3. Superspeed is usually about $50 less expensive, but they don’t have a training app with guided workouts.
Rypstick vs. Stack System – The Stack System costs around $150 more than Rypstick, but you’ll get 30 weight combinations and access to 10 different guided training programs that dynamically update based on your progress. The Stack requires a radar to take advantage of their app, and again, a radar is optional with Rypstick.

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Rypstick Review – Pros & Cons

The Rypstick comes in at a much lower price point than other speed training devices, and it has a single stick design. The Rypstick only goes up to 360 grams (including club), unless you add the 60 gram counter-weight. Comparatively, the Stack can go all the way up to 500 grams (including club) enabling overload training.

The Rypstick absolutely works and will help you gain speed in your golf swing. It is a quality design and overall a great swing speed trainer.


One stick design
Training App with guided workouts
Free swing analysis with purchase
60g counter weight
40 day money back guarantee


Limited weight combinations
Unable to do overload training



Final Thoughts

There is no question added clubhead speed can help you shoot lower scores. Training with the Rypstick is a great option to help you gain speed and hit the ball further on the course.

I have been able to add speed, and gain more control. Rypstick also offers a free swing analysis with purchase, and I’d recommend taking them up on this offer. The simple act of taking video of your own swing can put a lot into perspective for you. But having it evaluated by an expert takes it to the next level.

I really like the one stick design of Rypstick, the ease of changing weights, and the step by step workouts. Overall, it is a great speed training aid that works…but you have to put the work into it if you want to see results!

Good luck on the course. If there are any questions, let me know in the comments.

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