The Stack System vs Superspeed – One is Clearly Better, but Price?

The stack system vs superspeed side-by-side with a golf ball in the middle.

After trying both the Stack System and Superspeed, I’m going to give you the pros and cons of each and share things you should consider when you put the Stack System Vs. Superspeed head-to-head.

When it comes to speed training – They both work! They were also featured in my post on the best swing speed trainers.

But one is significantly more efficient, takes you through the training step-by-step, and allows you to do both overspeed & overload training, it also costs a heck of a lot more.

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The Stack System Vs. Superspeed

chart showing stack system vs. superspeed features comparison

Comparison of Key Features

The Stack System

Single club design with 5 milled weights enabling 30 different weight combinations between 0g to 300g
Clubs available in both junior and adult sizes
Case provided for weights
Training app with 2-year free access with stack purchase
App includes access to the “Stack Putting” training program
App walks you through the workouts step-by-step
App dynamically adjusts based on your individual performance
App provides hands-free data entry using voice dictation
App works with family sharing, allowing up to 20 users per Stack
App provides metrics and progress tracking
App provides access to 10 different training programs and helps you choose a program, or graduate to a program, based on your progress and performance
App tracks your Grit score, which quantifies your tenacity and helps keep you motivated to continue training


3 clubs with various weights
Available with a lighter weight option for women or seniors
Free access to overspeed training programs tailored for adults, juniors, and kids

I almost feel bad putting that list together. It’s like comparing a Ferrari to a Honda Civic. Both will get you to your destination (increased swing speed), but…

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Stack System Pros & Cons


One stick design with 30 weight combinations
Training App with guided workouts that dynamically adjust based on your performance
Hands-free data entry capability using voice-recognition
Ability to perform BOTH over load & overspeed training
Trade-in program, offering $100 discount if you trade in an eligible manufacturers swing speed trainer
30 day money back guarantee


Requires a radar device
App only available for iOS

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Superspeed Pros & Cons


Price – Typically sells for ~$150
Free training program
30 day money back guarantee


Limited weight combinations
Unable to do overload training
3 Sticks

Stack System – Reasons to Avoid

The biggest reason to avoid the Stack System is price. You can almost always get 10% off or more, but you also need to purchase a swing speed radar, which will add another $100-$200. All-in, you’re looking at around $500.

But, it will last for years and provide both short-term and long-term benefits.

The only other reason to consider avoiding the Stack is if you do not have an iOS device. iPhone, iPad…You can pick up a relatively cheap refurbished device, so if you are set on the Stack system don’t let this deter you.

Superspeed – Reasons to Avoid

If you are not disciplined enough to follow a workout program on your own, or stick to it, the Superspeed protocol videos are not going to be enough.

If you are not willing to objectively track your progress to measure your actual gains and adjust your training accordingly, you will be missing out on a tremendous amount of benefit. Ideally, you would have a reliable swing speed radar to ensure you know your real progress, otherwise you’re left to guessing based on ball distance on the course or at the range.

Overload work is a critical component to increasing swing speed – you cannot do that with Superspeed. Yes, they provide a club that is 5% heavier than your driver, but that’s not even close to what you’ll actually need. So, you’ll have to get your overload work in somewhere else. Band exercises, medicine ball throws…something in addition to your work with the Superspeed. If you don’t do this, you’ll be missing out on some swing speed gains you’d otherwise have.

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Key Components of Swing Speed Training

There are 4 main components to increasing your swing speed

Speed Training
Strength Training
Swing Mechanics

The Stack System and Superspeed both fall into the “Speed Training” category, but they can also help increase flexibility, build strength, and both allow you to focus on your swing mechanics while you are training.

When it comes to speed training specifically, there are two critical components

Overload training to enhance muscle strength and power, contributing to increased force and energy transfer to the club.
Overspeed training to improve neuromuscular efficiency and speed, crucial for faster and more powerful swings.

The Stack is the only one that can be used for both!

The Stack System vs Superspeed – Which Delivers the Most Gains?

When you use the Superspeed swing speed trainer, you are given a series of video demonstrations and told “do x number of reps of the following move” and “x number of sets”. It is up to you on intensity, rest between sets/reps, and you are limited to one of 3 available swing weights.

With the Stack System, the app automatically calculates a specific weight based on your actual driver clubhead speed and how well you have performed with lighter or heavier weights. The App calculates a program, provides the ideal weights and then walks you through each repetition step-by-step with the appropriate breaks etc. It’s also constantly tracking your intensity and rewarding you for higher levels.

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Both systems will help you produce a faster golf swing, but the Stack System does it exponentially more efficiently.

What is the Future of both Superspeed and Stack?

The Stack system was originally released to focus on swing speed training. They have since updated their app to include training for putting. By using their data analytics capabilities, they can have you go through a series of putts, track your status of each, then fine-tune a training system that will help you focus on what you actually need to work on.

The Stack also has, and continues to gain additional data on golfers of all skill levels, age, swing speed etc. They are constantly updating and finding ways to improve their programs. All leading to more efficiency for its users.

Superspeed? – Well, they recently released a new device that will help you build grip strength.

User Reviews and Experience – Stack System vs Superspeed

“I’ve used both. Stack is vastly superior if only for the app. It takes your results and gives you a customized training program and schedule. It also has more weight options because of the design. Stack putting is pretty slick too. I can’t say enough good stuff about it.”


“I recommend the Stack even though it’s more expensive. It’s so much more comprehensive, so much easier to track progress, and holds you much more accountable….One more reason I’d suggest getting something to measure [speed] is because you really are going to want feedback to understand what feels fast but is slow, what feels slow but is fast, and everything in between. When you’re trying different efforts you may be doing things that feel fast but aren’t and knowing what is actually effective at producing speed and what is not is one of the best parts of these systems”e used both. Stack is vastly superior if only for the app. It takes your results and gives you a customized training program and schedule. It also has more weight options because of the design. Stack putting is pretty slick too. I can’t say enough good stuff about it.”


After pouring through hundreds of online reviews for both systems, it is clear that both have a great base of positive reviews. But when it comes to negative reviews, the Stack System has virtually none! If you can find one, let me know.

The negative reviews on Superspeed tend to be around golfers whom I suspect were not disciplined enough to follow the training session videos, or were not tracking their progress closely enough to realize they were not working out with enough intensity.

Other Considerations

Durability – Both products are durable and long-lasting. Grips will eventually wear down, as with any golf club, but they can be replaced very easily with any normal golf grip.
Ease of Use – Both products will require the same amount of space, enough to swing a golf club. With the Stack system, your workouts will be in a very convenient app. Each set will tell you the specific weight to use, and there is a video demonstration available to explain how to perform the repetitions. After each rep, you enter the swing speed and the app automatically tracks everything. It is extremely straight forward and makes the entire workout seamless. Superspeed workouts require you to be more disciplined with your approach. They provide video instruction, but there is no tracking, no timer for sets, no feedback on your level of intensity.
Adaptability – The Stack system uses a data driven approach to deciding swing weight, number of reps, number of sets etc. It is based on YOU! Your performance, your swing speed. Some golfers will use much heavier weights than others with the Stack System. Superspeed clubs come with 3 different weights, an you can optionally add one more weight, for a total of 4. If your training needs require something heavier, you’re out of luck with Superspeed.
Results – Both products will produce results if you are disciplined to do the workouts. I believe the Stack System will deliver results more efficiently due to its data driven approach and constant monitoring of progress. With Stack, you are getting the feedback with every swing.

Final Thoughts

It is difficult comparing the Stack System vs Superspeed, they are vastly different products and the Stack System is superior in nearly every way. But you have to decide if you are willing to pay the extra money for it.

Both can produce swing speed gains, which is ultimately the goal, but you’ll need to decide whether you want the convenience and data driven approach of the Stack app, or if you’d rather save the money and do your own tracking.

No matter which training aid you choose, I think either one will deliver results…but you can’t be a slacker.

Good luck and let me know if there are any questions.

The Stack System

The Best Speed Training System Available to Golfers!

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