The Best Golf Training Aids of 2024 – For Any Golfer

There are a ton of training aids out there, but let’s be honest, most of them are terrible. Laced with promises to fix everything that has ever been wrong with your swing, most end up collecting dust or thrown out.

But there are some that can be extremely valuable to your golf game. But what you need to know up front is – a training aid is not a substitute for hard work.

Yes, training aids can speed up the process as you work to improve your game, but they cannot just “fix it”. So when you see the infomercials promising to correct your slice in just 1 swing, it’s probably best to skip that one.

So which ones are worth your consideration? Here is a list of the best training aids that I have found to be useful and worthy of your consideration.

The Stack System
DIY – Inexpensive Options


HackMotion is a sophisticated wrist sensor that provides detailed analysis of wrist angles during the golf swing. The device pairs with a smartphone app to deliver real-time feedback. HackMotion is incredibly accurate and can deliver practical insights about your swing.

“Measure, Don’t Guess”

I have been using HackMotion to evaluate/improve my wrist angles, especially at the top of my swing. The device gives me real-time feedback, allowing me to slowly walk through my swing while measuring throughout. It also allows me to take full speed swings, providing me with immediate feedback on all of my wrist angles with incredible accuracy. I have learned a ton about my swing throughout the process, things I couldn’t have possibly figured out on my own.

HackMotion is the highest quality training aid I have ever used. The sensor, smartphone app, customer support, and training resources are a complete package.

Who is HackMotion for? Serious golfers committed to improvement and who are willing to put in the practice, analyze the data, and work toward tangible improvements. It’s particularly suitable for golfers who appreciate detailed analytics.

Cost: $295 / $495 / $995 depending on the features you choose.

You can checkout my full review of HackMotion to learn more…

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ProSENDR is a training aid designed to help you get an optimal lead wrist position at the top of the golf swing. It features a wrist cradle that straps onto your trail wrist, equipped with a cup-like piece at the average wrist angle of tour professionals, helping you get into the optimal position.

I picked up the ProSENDR at the end of 2023. I was not a big fan of it at first because my wrist movement was pretty terrible. It was hard for me to use, but it didn’t take long to see improvement. The ProSENDR does not force you into position, instead it sort of lets you know when you are in the right position.

As with any positive change in your golf swing, the ProSENDR requires a long-term approach, but can help you speed up the process. It is especially helpful if you have excessive wrist movement at the top of your backswing, or lack rotation in your body/hips.

I have found the ProSENDR to be particularly helpful in preventing overextension at the top. It has also helped improve my rotation. I practice with it at least once per week.

Who is ProSENDR for? Serious golfers who are willing to put the practice time in and follow the drills. Those willing to take a long-term approach. ProSENDR focuses more on correcting wrist angles without technology. It’s less expensive than HackMotion, aimed at golfers seeking physical feedback to maintain proper wrist positions during their swings.

Cost: $169.99

You can checkout my full review of ProSENDR to learn more…


The Wellstroke is a putting stroke training aid. It is a small, approximately 2.5-foot-long and 7-inches-wide made from durable rubber material, featuring various alignment indicators and positions for gate drills. These features assist in correcting foot and putter alignment, improving backstroke and follow-through, and practicing putter path consistency.

wellstroke with putter and golf balls

Since using the Wellstroke, I have noticed significant improvement in my putting. My stroke has improved significantly and has led to sinking more puts. I used to lack confidence in those 3-footers, often pulling them to the left. Since using the Wellstroke, I now have a ton of confidence in those shorter puts and am making significantly more.

I have also improved significantly on my longer puts. I take it with me when I travel and find the more I use it, the more confident I am on the greens.

Who is the Wellstroke for? Anyone who wants to do some work on their putting. This one doesn’t take a large commitment in practice time to see improvement, but it has enough features that you can certainly put a ton of time into it if you’d like.

Cost: $69

You can check out my full Wellstroke review to learn more.

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The Stack System

Lets talk about the benefits of swing speed training up front! A study from Arccos Golf looked at players who gained 10 or more yards of distance from one season to the next. 65% gained at least 1 stroke each round, while 29% gained at least 3 strokes per round (Arccos).

The Stack System is a swing speed training device and training program. It helps golfers improve their club distances through tailored workouts. It features precision-engineered weights and a high-quality app that offers dynamic training programs, adjusting to your performance.

I have been using the Stack System on and off for over a year now. I wish I could say that I have been disciplined and stuck to the program religiously, but I haven’t. I’ve fallen off the wagon many times, but I’ve still seen significant improvement in my swing speed, and more importantly, my distance on the course.

My “easy” swing speed has increased by 12mph with my driver over the year. That results in an extra 30+ yards off the tee! The dynamic workout feature is the largest benefit over other speed trainers. It creates the most efficient workouts for you based on your performance.

Who is the Stack System for? It is ideal for committed golfers of all ages who are prepared to follow through with regular swing speed practice sessions. It suits players at all levels looking to boost their swing speed. It is one of the most expensive swing speed training aids on the market, but it also offers more features and convenience than any other device.

Cost: $349. A swing speed radar is REQUIRED, so you’ll need to budget an additional $150 – $300 depending on the radar you choose.

You can check out my full Stack System review to learn more.

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Rypstick is another swing speed training device that offers a variety of easy-to-follow workout programs in their app. Rypstick will help improve club distances and comes in at a lower price than the Stack System. Here is a comparison of the Stack System and Rypstick.

Jo has been using the Rypstick and increased her clubhead speed by 6mph in about 8 weeks, resulting in 15+ yards of extra distance off the tee.

There are a couple of key differences between The Stack System and Rypstick. The Stack System comes with an app that utilizes AI to create dynamic workout programs that are tailored to you based on your performance. Essentially, it updates the weight combinations used during your sessions to help you get the most out of it. The Stack System also comes with higher weight combinations, allowing you to do both overspeed and overload work. Those extra features come at a much higher price. Both devices do the job, so you’ll have to decide which is right for you based on your budget.

Who is the Rypstick for? It is ideal for committed golfers of all ages who are prepared to follow through with regular swing speed practice sessions. It suits players at all levels looking to boost their swing speed.

Cost: $199. A swing speed radar is not required, but is recommended to track your progress.

You can check out Jo’s full Rypstick review to learn more.

The wonderful folks at Rypstick have also provided our readers with a 10% discount, click below for discounted pricing and to learn more.

DIY Methods

Some of the best feedback I have ever gotten has come from foot powder spray and taking video of my own swing. You don’t need anything fancy for the video, pretty much any smartphone will do. A cheap tripod can help, but you can always find a way to set your phone up on your bag, a chair, or pretty much anything that will let it sit and record.

Foot powder spray will help you see strike location on your club face. Then simply make adjustments as needed. If you are fairly consistent, one quick spray will last quite a while.

Alignment sticks are another great training aid. You don’t need anything fancy, I use driveway markers that you can find for about $4 at your local home improvement store. You can see what I am using in the images above.

Snapping a chalk line to monitor ground contact can be helpful as well. Alternatively, you can lay a thin towel down just behind your ball. This can help you work on ball-first contact.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of training aids on the market, but don’t let catchy marketing fool you. There is no such thing as an immediate and permanent fix to a swing fault. It takes time and work, the right training aids can certainly help though.

Every one of these training aids are ones that I use and feel very comfortable recommending to anyone. There are plenty that I have tried that did not make this list. I think swing speed training can have an enormous positive impact on anyones game. I also think the wrist training aids will help get any golfer in optimal position to hit the ball square.

Then of course there is putting, probably the easiest part of our game to work on.

Before going out and buying an expensive training aid, make sure you are committed to putting the time into it. Start with some simple foot powder spray and work on center contact.

Good luck on the course!

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